Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Post Jitters...

My First BLOG!

Ok, so I've spent the last few days trying to compose the 'exactly perfect first blog'.  Little did I realize that my old arch nemesis "the blank page" is able to morph from one medium to another!  Today, instead of staring at that blank canvas...or turning to a new page in my sketch book I'm staring at the big blank empty 'post space' and those voices in my head are just as loud!

But then I realized that the reason that I, me....the least tech savvy person on the planet, decided to break the laws of the universe and move time and space to create this online miracle is to break free from having to be perfect...and to get dirty and make mistakes!

So I am just going to jump in and hit the ground running! 

My crazy talented neice is my tech support.  If you are reading this and you, like me, aspire to technical greatness...ok, maybe just competence:)...join me as I jump in....make a lot of mistakes and hopefully start running on the path toward building a place where we can share our mad love of color without fear and without boundaries!