Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mini Mixed Media Canvases

Mini Canvas Madness!
After a week of Patient Waiting...ya right...After 6 days of Endless Waiting I finally got my Dick Blick Order in!  It was my first "Official" Supply Order as Molly Lolly Loo Designs:)
Yay! Christmas in September!  I bought a Bunch of 6 x 6 Canvases, Some Blick Gloss Medium in a Big Ole' Bottle...AND  I'm working on building up my Golden Liquid Acrylic Inventory.  So now I have  a  "Blue, Red and Green" 
Can't wait to Play with them!!

So the 6 x 6 Canvases are going to be for my Etsy shop:)  I had a chance this weekend to get them started.  I decided to make a few Little House Canvases after a Card I did for ICAD.
So I Got Eight of them Collaged with some Old Book Papers, Music and Old Business Papers and Four of the them got to be  Little Houses:)
They are Collaged on all four sides so you can Hang them...

Then they were Aged with Ink and Playfully Lettered with all the things that Fairies Love to do...

Here's a Close Up..

I may add some more Words and Goodies to them...not sure quite yet!  I think I really love them! 
Haven't decided what the other Four will's so much Fun just Playing and Dreaming them up!
Have you ever done a Mini Canvas?  I'd love to hear about it!
Love to All!