Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dollar Store Art Item of the Week!

This Weeks Art for a Dollar!

So, I've been collecting item's for Jodi Oh'ls Class on 21 Secrets which shows us how to "Print" our own backgrounds using simple things we can get at the Dollar and Hardware store.  Awesome!

So Here's my Big Find of the Week!

Yep...it's a sink Mat from the Dollar Store!

Look at that Fabulous Gridded Goodness!!!!  For a Buck!! Here's what it looks like now after several VERY messy but productive "Printing Sessions"...

I think it's hilarious that I was literally covered in Paint from head to toe and now have this Exact Square Print on my Sweats...while Jodi Ohl did her video wearing actual Jewlery and Real Clothes!!  She's amazing:)

So I used two Different Techniques
 The steps were pretty simple:

For A grid with "Empty"  Squares:
1. Roll Acrylic Paint on the Mat with a Brayer..(Little Roller Thing)
2.  Press a piece of paper "Face Down" on the Mat and Press Down with your fingers or roll over the Brayer.
3. Peel off slowly and Voila!

It's a bit tricky to see this one because there are so many layers...but it's there!  I used white acrylic paint on this one...

Square 'Printiness'
For A Grid Of Colored Squares:

1.  Clean off the Mat....or NOT!  It's cool to see what happens with all that juicy paint on it still!
2.  Spray, Dab, Paint or Sprinkle over the top.  I used Dylusions Spray Ink for this part
3.  If you're using ink, roll over the top with a Paper Towel to get the excess off.

I did quite a bit of this one....too fun!

Close Ups of  parts of an 18" by 24" Print

Green Dylusion Ink Spray

Blue Dylusion Ink Spray
Hey....Did you recognize those Black Spots....In a perfectly imperfect Circular Grid?!!  That's none other than our friend from Last Week's Dollar Store Wonder...the Dart Board:)

Here it is with a Ceramic  Tile 12 x 12 Grid from Home Depot that I also used for these prints...I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Have a Great Dollar Store Find?  Let us know!