Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Barn Yard Critters

This Sheepy really reminds me of the one down the Street- but I kind of put my Dog Bear's Face on it:)

I can't tell you how excited I am to make my very own Barnyard Sketches.  It's something I have always obsessively admired!  To tell you the truth, I was always too afraid to try.  It just really goes to show you how crippling Perfectionism and Fear can be....I wouldn't even try!

The Lord has used Art to teach me so much. I have learned that Anything worth doing is worth doing Badly for a long time!  Sometimes Very Badly.  It's taught me that the Process almost always is more important than the Outcome.  And to Just Stinkin' get over Myself and Do it!:)

This Goatie looks a lot like my Baby- but mine has Horns....cuz she's 'street' like that....

And finally- this one is from a Facebook Post that might have been a Pinterest Pin.  It is by "ouap", I hope I am referencing it correctly- I wanted to include the original pic for you cuz it's so cute!

I think I might give this some Water Color Love this week:)

I've decided to start playing around with Water Color this week:)  It's something I can do while you I'm on the couch with the Fam watching old Columbo Reruns:)

What are you'all working on this week?

Love to all!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Barn Yard Full of Sketches

Hi All!  I've finally gotten back in the Studio to sketch and paint.  I've been a bit obsessed with Barn Yard Animals:)  I've always loved and admired Barn Yard Art- but was always too intimidated to try.  So I decided to just jump in.  I had a Blast:)

As you know I am in Love with my Scarlet Lime Roller Pen....can't live without it, am going to order them by the dozen this time!  I am just obsessed with the Inky Goodness!  Right now I'm not real confident in Acrylics yet- so I am trying really simple stuff.

 This one is Acrylic background, then an Ink Sketch with a little bit of grey shading.  Not too scary to try and I love the piggy!

This is "Jose the Rooster"'s collage.  I drew him out and then cut up the shape and added a little acrylic over the top.  Outlined in Scarlet Lime Pen....still think I want to add some White in there- I would love any suggestions:)

Here's my first's actually the Face of my Doggie Bear.  I tried to draw him and it turned out this is Bear's expression in a Sheep Face:)  It's Gesso swirled for texture, then Acrylic paint and Scarlet Lime Pen...I think I love him:)

I am hoping to make a whole Flock of Chickens:)  Here is the sketch from a picture on a Calendar...

I was too nervous to try Acrylic yet so I decided to use Water Color Pencils- I just kept layering things up and then used a little water to blend.  I feel like the Pencils really let you control where the color goes and I like the 'slow pace' of it- you can add a little at a time:)

This one I'm gonna keep as just Ink....dang I love that pen!  I just sketched it out a bit with a cheap mechanical pencil and then...Scarlet Lime Pen Baby!

I am having a great time just Sketchin' away.  I've been watching Psych Season 7 and old Columbo Episodes on Netflix while I'm working- it's been really fun- but now I am expecting someone to be Murdered every time I turn around...I think I need to switch to something other than Crime Shows...however silly:)

Well- that's the news that's news!  I am hoping to be 'Deep in Sheep' this weekend:)  We'll see what appears:)

Love to all!