Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds and Fairy Houses

Summer is Here! Time for Fairy Houses!
Whew!  It's been a Busy Week!  My babies (ok, they are 18 and 16... but Still my Babies!) are off being spoiled by one of their Wonderful Gramas.  Having an empty house is so strange...a little wonderful- but only for a few days, then I miss the Chaos!
It HAS  given me some more time to Hide Away in my Studio.  I am Very Slowly moving forward with my Fairy Houses Canvas.  There's a lot of 'dry time' and 'Hunting for Treasures' time so it's taking a while.  I love searching for Little Tid Bits and Lovelies to add on:) 
So yesterday I hit the Thrift Shops!  I hadn't been in a while and the Pickin's were Fab-ulous!! 
If you're ever at a Thrift Shop and see some Crazy Lady sitting 'cross legged' on the floor with one of the Bins labeled "Crafts" on her lap....mumbling to herself.....Ya, it's me:)  Introduce yourself and I might share! Ok, maybe....bring Nutella...

 Here are some of the Treasures I found!

Yes!  Score!!!
Such a great Haul!  I searched in the Bottoms of Bins for these babies.  They cringe when they see me coming because they know I managed to find every single Bizarre Unmarked Item in the store:)
I'm thinking of adding these on to this particular Canvas today:
We'll see how it goes!
Tiny Treasures
Now..... off to the Paint Cave!
I would love to hear about a 'Work in Progress' that you are doing!  Leave me a Comment...and send me a pic!
 Love, Love LOVE! ( You know I'm a Crazy Fan!) Go see it!
Love to all!

Index Card a Day Roundup

So Here are the Last Week or so in Index Card a Day Juiciness:)

The BIG news this week is No More Chemo! My 16 year old is Totally Done with his Treatment for Leukemia!  Yay!  We've been Celebrating all week! Here's a very Happy Card!

The Best Card I ever Made!
This next one is of my's actually made of Bits and Pieces from things I found while Training for Marathon this last winter on a trip to California.   I know it's a bit weird...but I love it! I also Love the quote!

Love my 'Found' stuff!
Below is a Pencil sketch of my Little Sissy how I remember her; getting ready to walk to school:)  I was watching the Kids at the Pool that day and only had a Card and a Pencil.

My Sis on her way to school:)

 Summer of Color's Challenge was Purple and Lime..a combo I would have Never really thought of!  That's what's great about this Challenge.  And you can use some of your Index Cards as a 'Cross-Over'

My Sissy:)

There were so many gorgeous pieces on  Summer of Color.  I was inspired by everyone's 'Little Girl' paintings so I got up the Courage to give it a try....of course it's Inspired by my  Sis:)

Here is my Very First Kitty Cat...I love that I had the excuse to make him Purple:)  I gave him some String to play with:)
The Only Cat I can have!  I'm not allergic to this one!

I hope you will Jump in with us. The Community that has built up around this is just so Wonderful.  Every morning I grab my Coffee and 'Scroll and Drool' over everyone's amazing work.

Tammy Garcia, the lovely lady who gave us ICAD ,just posted a Great Tutorial on a Luminous Paper Weaving.  Go check it out....and tell her Molly Lolly Loo sent ya'!

Love to all!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Hoppin' Link Lovin' Friday!

Time to Share Some Linky Love!

I have had so much fun this week just exploring and meeting other Artsy Bloggers.  I am new to all of this, but this week I Really felt like I was starting to get to know you all better:)

Oh- Real Quick!  I am pretty sure I took the freaky "Word Verification" off my Comments Section, but I can't tell on my end.  Would you be kind enough to leave me a Comment and let me know if it's off?  Thanks so much!!
Ok!  Onward to the Linkiness!
My Recent Index Card A Day project is a Collection of some Carefully Hoarded Words that I've been wanting to use.  I think it expresses the Spirit of Share the Link Love:

So Try Something New and Find Some New Friends!
1.  Now...first off is ChristyTomilson's Blog.  She was my Very First Online Class...I was so Terrified!  But she is one of my All time favorite Artists and teachers:)  Her 'She Art' Classes are just Amazing!  She just did her first Art Retreat and her Pics on her blog are really Great!

2.  Robin-Marie Smith of "Every Life has a Story" just got Published in Art Journaling Magazine!  I Love, Love, Love her quirky style.  Go check out her wonderful pics and celebrate with her!

3.  Next on my Faves List is Linda Arandas at Dandelion Ink Studios.  I' am getting to know Linda better every day both on her blog and on Twitter.  AND we are Both "Foster Mothering" baby birds that fell out of nests:)  Her adorable story is on her blog right now!  Oh ya..and I'm a Huge fan of her art! Jump on over!

4.  Ok- so I thought I was High Energy...this gal makes me feel like a Couch's Crafty Pod's lovely Diane Gilleland!  I see her Sweet Smiling Face every day on Twitter and she is just a Power House of amazing Crafti-news and Links.  It think I visit and Retweet her stuff at least a few times a day.  She is a great one to "Follow"!

5.  Last but not Least-one of my New Favorite Authors Tamara Holland.  She wrote the Book "Tweet Right" which made learning Twitter a Hilariously fun experience. 
Here is a link to a great Blog Post she wrote about finally feeling Beautiful and Attractive right where she is.  Now you can see her pic for yourself on my "5 Mini Book Reviews" Post...she's quite Gorgeous...but isn't it true that we are all our own Worst Critics?  This post is so worth the read! 
So GO!  Be FREE! And Link with Reckless Abandon!
Love to all!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Imaginary Animals with Carla Sonheim!

It's Finally Out On Kindle!!!!

Product Details

I've been Lusting after Carla's Books ever since I first saw them in a Barnes and Noble!  I almost Cried when I couldn't find them Digital.  And THEN...two days ago, I saw it in the Kindle Store for the first time and's MINE!!!
Ok- so I tend to Voraciously Consume Books....I've read it Twice in Two Days.  Love, Love, Love it.
I have to tell you that when I turned to Chapter 1 and front of me...was Carla's Collection of Photos of Paint chipping, Oil Stains and Various Blobs found out on the street I actually almost Wept. 
I have Never Confessed to anyone my Neurotic love of strange markings and Graffiti...I thought my collection of Hard Water Stains, Sidewalk Gum Shapes and Errant Spray Paint on Park Benches was just Too Weird.  But, no more!  I have found "My People".
As we have lived in Downtown Phoenix for half of our time with Nick's Treatment, I have collected Way too many Digital pics of Strange Stains, Graffiti and Concrete Cracks etc. and NOW I can finally put them to use.
I Love Carla's sweet style and sense of Humor.  Like I said, I read the whole thing as soon as I got it, Immediately Woke up the Chug
Can you stand the Cute?!
and went out in search of Inspiration....
We live out in the sidewalks or graffiti, so I collected Strange Rock Shapes.  Here are my Very First Imaginary Animal Sketches....I think I love them...:)
This one is My Favorite...It's a Kitty Butt:) He he!

This one is Sort of an Alligator:)

Definitely Chipmunk-ish!
I can't wait to start Coloring these in!  Ha- in my Spare Time right?! 
I hope you will take a Second Look next time you pass a Fascinating Oil Stain or are Rinsing your Hair in the Shower and the Shampoo Bubbles make a Fabulous 'Moose-Fish' as it slides down the door:)!

Oh!! And P.S. MollyLollyLoo should be "Word Verification" Free thanks to a little help from Carmen at Whoopidoings and BJ of Ccraft Corner!  Go check them out...these girls Rock!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best Post Ever!!

No More Chemo!!!
My Best Index Card  Collage Ever!!

Dr. Cohen Surprised us at our Chemo Visit and announced that Today was his Last Treatment!!!  No More Chemo!!  Not even home meds- he is Totally Done!
If you just joined us, Nick is 16 and has been doing Chemo for Leukemia for the last 5 and a half Years.  He's doing Fantastic Now!
Thank you all so very much for your Prayers and Blessings and please Continue praying for his Continued Remission:)
That's all Today because we are Going Out To Celebrate!!  Join us in giving Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ who makes All Things Possible!
Love to All!!  And I'll be Drinking as Much Diet Pepsi as I want tonight!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Mini-Book Reviews on "How to get Techie"

Five Books that Helped me Get More "Techie"
The Techie Juggle

I really wanted to Share with you a little of what has gone on behind the scenes in my Very  Recent Transformation from using an 8 year old Computer and a Smart Phone that I could just barely Text on, to being able to 'Flop Around Pretty Well" with a Blog, Facebook, Twitter and now...just barely...Flickr.  Those of you who know me know that this a Major Miracle!

How am I doing it?  LOTS of READING and Trial and Error....and letting myself do it...gasp....WRONG for a while:) Plus lots of help and support from Wonderful people on line who I don't even know, but who are sweet enough to let me know when I am doing it backwards:)

So because of my "Complete Newbie" status,  my Reading Time has been devoted to very Practical Stuff....
Here's the list for the last two week's list:  I tried to Post a Picture and to Link to either a blog or a Website wherever I could. 

Molly's List of Very Practical Stuff

Blogging All-in-One For Dummies

"Blogging for Dummies, All in One" by Susan Gunelius-  I use this Every Day!!! So practical and it was Actually REALLY for Dummies...sometimes I need an even "Dummier" Book...but I did great with this one! Click on the Link to learn more about Susan!


"How to Twitter, Getting started with 30 Daily Doables" Stacey Myers- Nitty Gritty Good.  It was a nice Step by Step that you could follow One day at a Time or Gobble up all at once.  (I'm a Gobbler!)  Stacey even invites you to join her on Twitter...which I did!  She was my first Tweet!  Cool! Stacey Myers is busy on Twitter...go visit at the link!

Tweet Right" by Nicola Morgan-   This is my favorite! Nicola is Brittish and Hi-LAR-ious!  I was trying to ride the Exercise Bike while I read it and kept dropping my Kindle because I was Laughing so hard.  She really focused on the 'social nuances' of Twitter and it was a Great Read!  I follow can too- just click the link!

"How to Start Making Your Art Your Business";  by Tamara Holland-I'll read this  a Bunch of times!  This gal is a go-getter, former Lawyer, make-things-happen kind of person.  I totally related to her and loved her task management and goal setting recommendations.  I couldn't find a pic of her here's a pic of her! Go check out the link for more info!


"A Beginner's Guide to Flickr" by Alissa Richards- Got me up and running! It was a quick little book with just the Basics of how to get your feet wet.  And my Feet are Soaking-stinkin'-wet thanks to Alissa!   Could't find a blog or website for her though;( I'll keep an eye out and update you if I do.

So, if you, like me, are trying to stick your toe in the "Tech Waters" and especially if you are trying to move into the 'Creative World' on a more 'full time' basis...come Swim with Me!  I'd love to hear your story and share this Crazy Road.  You know that 'Crazy Loves Company"!
I'd love to Hear from You!
Love to all!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let your Art Tell You When You are Stressed Out

Walking the 'Crazy' Line!
So, I know we all come to Art and 'Creativity-ness' for different reasons.  In the last few years my "Why" had been to 'De-stress' and see if I can learn to RELAX a little...(Hilarious that I can't even write the word normally!)

A Graphic Portrayal of my State of Mind this last week:)
What I have noticed is that while so many little things no longer upset me, I do have a much lower threshold for Some types of Stress.
Although it's constantly getting better, I now have to really work to keep 'recharge' and 'quiet' activities scheduled in.  When I don' sneaks up on me.  
 I used to have a long "Stress Fuse".  But Now I can sometimes go from 'Relaxed Happy' to "Pull my Hair out" pretty Darn quick!  And sometimes I don't even Notice until it's already too late and I've got that Spoon right in the Nutella Jar!
So, how can we 'Catch' ourselves when we are starting to go "Hurtling toward Crazy" in time to avoid the Crash? 
Can Our Art and Creative Makings be an Indicator of our State of Mind?

If you Don't think that your 'Sub Conscience' can speak Through your Art... then you are what I like to call... "Wrong" :)  He He!
All you need is a Semester of Psychology 101 from a Local Junior College and you can be an Expert Like Me!!

So Here it attempt to 'Pscho-Babble-itize' my 'Descent into Stress' last week...

As you know I've been working Daily on "An Index Card a Week"....Here are my Daily Cards...Perhaps we can Discover some Clues...

Fluffy Bunnies and Sunshine:)  Circles...playful little swirlies...'Pastelly Goodness'...all is seemingly well:)

Now here...still doing good..Pink and pretty..

But note the Grid appears.... I love to be creative and free....BUT I need some Structure and Order in able to be truly Content. It seems I felt I needed to add it here it here.....

Freud would ask..Why did I choose this particular Quote  "Controversy"? is our first appearance  of Black Paint.  This's 'carefully' splattered...perhaps ominiously' Splattered?

Don't get me wrong...I love Grunge and can be Totally Feeling Great and turn out some very Grungy pieces....but you know...I'm just sayin'...:)

When I did this next page, my Wonderful Husband and Oldest Son were "Geeking Out" with their Fabulous New Sound Bar. It literally makes every Door and Window of our house Rumble. With a household full of Teenage Boys I am no Stranger to noise. But this time they had hauled out their new "Zombie Apocalypse Type" Game...

Note the Black Paint is now being 'Aggresively' Applied...
  The Freibott Household is of course Completely Prepared for the Eventual Zombie Apocalypse, but 3 hours of Shooting, Screaming, War Cries and Dying Zombies can take it's tole even the most Dedicated 'Geek Wife'.

Ok, so from now on things just Go Obviously Down Hill! Spray paint, Black everywhere...Chaos is now taking over. My nice little grid has been drowned in the Background..

 And NOW- Just in case I Wasn't Listening....My Subconscience Puts the Writing on the Wall....

Notice the red splattering that looks like a bullet wound!!
The Hilarious part was that I did these words without even Thinking!  I was doing several things at once and was paying more attention to getting my Bold Pitt Pen to not bleed than to what I was writing... It wasn't till I was ready to take a Pic that I noticed the words!
So here was the "Final Straw" piece...
I tried to make a nice Orange and Hot Pink Journal Page...I had lots of Cutsie stuff to put on it...even a Pink Zipper and a Cute Butterfly Stencil...I wanted it to be Happy and Subtle and Playfull...'s what Really Happened...
Ya- by the time I am throwing Black Paint at Butterflies, it's time to take a Step Back!
Fortunately I got the hint at that point.  I took a nice 'Sniffy Walk' with our Chug she is..
(Fortunately we had on  Matching outfits....:))
I took a Hot Shower and donned  my "Noise Dampening Headphones" and I was in much better shape.  I worked in some Exercise and some "Outside time" the next day and felt Much better:)
I went back to the SOC, Summer of Color project and here's what came out...
This was Much Closer to what I was Hoping for....and a good 'Thumbs Up' from the ole' Psyche:)
Now, Everyone has there own Style...and our 'Stress Art' is Very, Very Important.  If I hadn't worked it through and let myself throw whatever Paint I felt like on there....I wouldn't have gotten to the other side.
So How can you tell when you are stressed out?  Other than Nutella Consumption obviously...
Love to hear from you!!
Love to All!

The 5 Art Supplies I Can't Live Without...Seriously!

HELP!!! I am out of Mod Podge!!!

Ok- you may not realize the Magnitude of this Emergency....The screaming, crying, wailing...and that was from my Husband who realized I might not get my Art fix today!!

Thus was born the "Things Mom Must Have" List.... This is based on the Proven Theory "If Momma ain't happy...ain't Nobody happy"...words we live by here at the Freibott Household:)
"Things Mom Must Have"
"Five Things Mom Must Have"
1. Mod Podge...preferably in Gallons. 

 I am embarrassed to say how much of this 'Lucious Viscous Loviliness' I use.  Just the Smell makes me happy!  Wait a minute...maybe it makes me too that stuff toxic??!! 
Anyway- NEVER run out of Mod Podge...never man.

2.  My Scarlet Lime Black Roller Ball Pen. 

Here it is....held Close to My Heart...
My beloved Pen

I will literally Stop Breathing when my pen dies. I'm ordering another one right now...just in case.  Scarlet Lime is Christy Tomilson's Online store...the only place I know where you can get it.  Go there Now!  Run.  Don't walk.

3.  My Cheep-O Spongee thingees.  Lots of them!!

I have a confession to make.  I sometimes...ok most of the time..don't Re-use my little sponge thingees.  Oh the shame!! I try to be good, I really do- but at the end of the day, there they are all dried up into pitiful black-foamy rocks. 
 I admit to trying to sneak through the Hobby Lobby line with several packs because I KNOW what the Lady behind me is thinking..."She's one of those Spongee Wasters!"... I'm ashamed to say I have tried to use the VBS excuse...when it's not even Summer!! 

Where Spongees go to Die:(
4.  My Pitt Pens. 4 pack- S, F, M and Bold

Here is Sophie, our 'Chug' guarding my new 'Pitts'...

I am so attached to these pens that I am probably holding one in my mouth right now.  That's because I am an Obsessive Doodler and Must be able to sketch on Anything and Everything at any time.
Unfortunately I am still learning about what they can and can't go over and am Constantly Gumming them up with other Mediums.

We actually gathered round and had a Few Words and a Moment of Silence for this one.  So was so young..

And Finally...last on the List..
5.  Paper....lots and lots of Paper!
I am the "Crazy Collage Chick"  I love to start almost every piece with Specifically hand picked Papery Goodness.  I am an Indiscriminant lover of Paper.  I hoard everything from Scrap Book Paper to Old Books to Scraps I find here and there. 
My Current ScrapBook Hoard:
I sort by Color- if you can call this 'sorting':)

My 'Shelf of Collagy Scrappy Goodness'
It's an Organized Mess:)  This is what it looks like while I have several Big Projects going at once:)
So there you have it folks!  What are your "Top 5 Absolutely Must Have or My Whole Family will Suffer" art Supplies?
Let me know!
Love to all!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What We've Learned from Hard Times

The Good...The Really Good...from the Bad...

Nick and Nathan on a Disney Cruise Sponsored by "Make a Wish"
Ok, so as you know it's been a stressful last few years here at the Freibott Household.  The Wonderful News is that the Lord has blessed our family SO much through out our 5 1/2 year Journey with my son's Leukemia. 

We've learned....I mean Really "Deep down in the gut-Learned"... to Not Sweat the Little Things......things like Hair:)
No Hair...No Problem!  Nick at the Phoenix Zoo 2009
We've learned to "Dance in the Rain" and to try to Have Fun and be Silly in as Many Situations as we can.  
Nathan and the Latest Edition to his "Ugly Singing Fish" Collection
And the Lovely Sophie.... Wearing the Season's Latest in Doggie Bikini-Tu-tus. 

Sometime that means "Applying Much Dog".
 Dog Medicine IS the Best Medicine!

Nick and Buddy 2010

Nick, Dad and Rusty at Ronald Mc Donald's House 

Nick and Sera 2012

Sometimes that means Naming, and sometimes 'Dating',
  IV Poles... ours is always named 'Steve'.

Here are Nick and his date 'Steve the IV Pole' on their way to the
 New Years Eve Party
Phoenix Children's Hospital 2011
Sometimes it's just keeping a Tally of how many times you can 'Moon the Nurse' (Hospital Gowns are the same everywhere Folks!)
Or Noogie your Brother and take over the 'Good Bed'...

Big Bro 'Noogie-ing' Nick Phoenix Children's Hospital...good times!

We've been literally 'Welded Together' as a family and are closer than Ever.  We know how to pull together and get Hard Things done.
Like surviving 'It's a Small World' for the First Time...

Left to Right: Nathan, Nick and Best Bud Kale 2012

Riding the Last Disneyland Bus to the Parking Lot with all the Screaming, 'Over Stimmed' Kids

Nick, Kale, Nathan and Dad
We've learned How Important it is to Spend time with Family and Friends...
Nick's "Brotha's from anotha' Motha'
 And that Just Hanging Out Can be a Great Vacation!
We've learned to Enjoy the Little Things And
Above All....
Just to Smile......

Boys Goofing Off


Grampa's Birthday:)


Socks the Goat says "SMILE"!!!!
Love to All!