Monday, January 6, 2014

I Cleaned out the 'Beer Fridge' AND.. Made my Own Day Planner!

Sneak Peak at My Planner/Journal/Sketchbook!!!

I feel a "Tada" is in order:)

There is a Huge Group of Amazing People Helping each other and Sharing their Tips and Ideas at the Facebook Page "A Documented Life Project"'s so COOL!

Ok- so I have been so Busy Lately that I haven't been keeping up on Pics of my "In Progress". 

Today I worked really hard to get the Clients Trained, the Groceries shopped, the Laundry done and the Fridge Cleaned out before the Sun went down so I could at least get some decent pics!  The Fridge proved a Daunting Task indeed...

Here is the formally "Terrifying" Beer Fridge, now returned to it's original Immaculate-ness:)  I decided I absolutely MUST have a 'Beer Fridge' when we became 'Red Necks'.  None of us actually drink beer...but when we do use it for Nick's Mac and Cheese's Dos Equis...

I have two Full Grown, Large Teen-age Boys armed with Sticks and they were Hard Pressed to deal with the Left overs that had gained Sentience and begun to form a Military Revolt in our Spare Refridgerator...

But I digress....
Back to the Planner!!!

Ok- so here is the Front so far.  It's a little Wacko- a little 'Over-stimmed'...a little all over the place...It's Me!!!

Here is how it started....It's just a Mixed Media Sketch Book.  The Front and Back were heavier Cardboard than a regular Sketch book so I splurged a bit there...used my 40% off at Hobby Lobby baby!

The Exciting part is that I have given it a Trial Run these past few days and it is Working!!!  Today it went from the Gym, to the Groceries, to Coffee and Journalling and Back home to Receipt Logging/Book Keeping all in one Place!!!

The great thing about making your Own is that you can take all the Best things about the Planners you like and put them all in one place!  Here's what one of my Weekly Pages looks like:

I have my Appointments on the Left and some room for my "To Do Lists"  I also like to keep my Word of the Year/Month/Week and my Memory Verse for the Week.

On the right is my ever Evolving Grocery List...I feed an army...)  The "Go To" is the ADHD Kick in the Butt to remember that I need to drop by the Post Office...

And Here is where I keep the Master List of what we are eating that week...and I added my Exercise on the Bottom.  I think I will fill in the Exercise as I do it...

To tell you the truth- I end up Drawing these Calendar 'Shapes' into whatever Notebook I am making Lists in- so I just "Cute-r-ed" it up...Cute-r ddd it up??  Anyway- I made a bunch of copies...  It's just Glue Sticked in.  I tried Mod Podge- but too much work and too messy:)

I also REALLY needed to get my Receipts for my several Businesses stored and organized.  So far December and January Receipts have been Crumpled up in the bottom of my purse with the Gum Wrappers and empty Lip Gloss Accountant loves me:)

SO- I added in some Envelopes...which I LOVE!!!  I just used some 5x7 ish Manilla Mailing envelopes that I scored somewhere and 'Gussied' them up a bit.  I added some 'Accounting Sheets' to them so I could track the receipt as I put it in.  These two are on the Back Page- so it's really sturdy and easy to find.

That's just Washi Tape all over to hold down the paper and 'Prettify' it:)  So far I've kept up pretty well.  Top ones for Household (Groceries, Groceries...and more Groceries...) and the bottom is for Biz.

I liked them so much I made two more:

The Book is sideways here...sorry!  And there's my Fabu new shoe in the left corner...I cut the tops off of these two.

I put them on the inside of the Heavy Front Cover.  This is just Paper Towel Left Overs that I used to blot other things in my Art Journal:)  I Mod Podged them on, then stuck only the back of the envelope down.  I use one for  Contacts/ Biz Cards and the other for 'Everything Else':)  It still needs more Decorating:)

I am having SO much fun with My new Planner that even scheduling Seven Loads of Laundry on Tuesday is Exciting!!!

Next Stop- Adding "Tabs" so I can find which Week/Month I am on:)

If this looks like Fun...go ahead and click on over to The Documented Life Project

You'll find the Class by Lorainne that I took and all the Info and Inspiration you need!'s addicting!!!

What do you use to stay 'Organized'?  (I use the term loosely!)

Are you a Calendar Girl?  Planner Person?  Notebook addict?

Let me know!!

Love to all!