Saturday, August 31, 2013

My #1 Camera Tip

My Number One Camera Tip..

That Moment when you Realize....Ya,  your Camera Stinks...
Sophie Has been saying that all along...
Ok- so in the Background of all the Hustle and Craziness, I have been working on Researching Camera's and reading up on Photography Tips.  Ha!  Ya- you can guess how that's going!  I am TOTALLY new to taking pics- I'm the one that you hand your camera to at the beach and end up with your head's cut off and your Uncle's Beer Belly in Close up...

SO- I hired a Photographer.  She is an up and coming Photo-girl and Blogger and she has an AWESOME camera! You can hop over to her blog here at  AJ's Photography.  So after a few sessions she came over and Downloaded some samples for me.

And that was the moment that I realized my Camera Sucks! Ok, Ok, the 12 books I read that said you can't use your Phone Camera MIGHT have been right...sigh...

If you needed some Proof...

Here's my shot.....

These are hers:)

Ya- I know, I know!!



Here's the 'Before'...

and After...

So my point is...My #1 Camera tip is.....GET ONE! 
I am talking to the Mirror right now!
Here are a few more of her Lovely Shots.  I am definitely convinced that I need to Upgrade!

 Some Neutrals...

She posed this one so nice!

So my Question much did you spend on your very first "Get started, get your Etsy Shop Open, Get your stuff online" Camera? 

I'd love to hear from you!  I'll keep you posted on the "Great Camara Search"!

Love to all!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grunge Cake

Mom Duties and Grunge Cake
Quick Post today as "Mom Duties" have kept me busy these last few days.  With my youngest starting His Senior Year in High School and also some College classes- and my 18 yr old starting his Senior Year in College, there has been lots of Crazy, Phone Calls, Paperwork and what not:) 
We Homeschool- so getting all the books in, schedules set, Computers and printers updated and online and schedules set has been a full time job.  We also live a half hour from town so everytime someone needs Zip Drives, Cables, Cords....Geek Supplies or New shoes I'm running back and forth trying to get it all done quickly.
We had to order all their Books and curriculum and let me tell you- we live in Po-dunk USA here.  Seriously, our Post Office still Hand Writes everything!  I paid my PO Box online- and when I got there she said "Do you know how I could check that?  We just write it here on this yellow slip..."
 If I ship it here to 'El Ranchito Freibotto'- it will take 8 days or whenever the UPS guy feels like driving out here.  If I ship it to my Mom in town- it's there in 3...ya.  But then I end up driving back and forth to town all the time.
But did I mention it's Gorgeous here?!  I need to keep focused on that!  We were able to get 2 out of 3 of Nick's books in which is enough for him to get started AND- to everyone's delight our Rosetta Stone Japanese came in!  Koni chi wa! 
(Ya- I have no idea how to spell that!)
My other 19 yr old son started an awesome Job, but had Car trouble which involved a Midnight trip in a Moonsoon to pick him up and secure "Work Shoes" from Walmart before his morning shift:)
Such is the Life of a Mom!  I know you are all doing the same with School Starting!
A did manage to get in and do some "Stress Management Painting"...I am working on 'Grunging up' my 'Layer Cake' Canvas Board.  Here it is when I started.  I wanted pics just in case I didn't like where it went- then I could go "Back in time":)

I found  a Quote a love and wanted to get that onto something...but I felt the need to go Grungy..
To the Spray Paint!  I made some Gelli Plate prints on Deli Paper- I guess you could call them "Gelli Deli's"....Ba Da Bum!  Ok people...these are the jokes...

I wasn't sure which stencil I was going to use- but after gauging the 'Coolness Factors' I decided to go with a Dragon Stencil as wings...this was one of my Garages Sale finds- an entire Trash Bag full of stencils....For a Buck Baby!  Woohoo!
Here they I said, I went with the 2nd one...

Dragon Stencil...

Here it is in it's "Preliminary Stages"- I grunged up the outside with Oil Pastels...the
 Heart is made of Spackle Material and Acrylic.  I also used my new Box-O-Stampy-Goodness from my Sis-in-Law around the edges.
The Words read "She Took the Leap and Built Her Wings on the Way Down"
These words were just what I needed and spoke to right where I am right now:) 
So, as I must Secure Provisions to feed our Troops- I will be at Costco, Walmart, Safeway, know the routine:)  Hopefully I will get back in time to Finish this one up!
I am also moving Forward with my Right Brain Planner Assignments so I will have an Update on those very soon!
Love to all!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Christmas in August!

Goodies from my Sis!
It's Christmas in August! 
My Sis in law surprised me with the announcement that she had gotten an Excellent job offer in Washington...Of course this means we will miss them all like crazy!  So expect there to be lots of tears in a few weeks.  But she also filled my Truck up with Craft supplies!  And she has Excellent Taste!!
I couldn't believe all the Goodies! I think that's every Scissor ever made!

So here's what was in the Box!!! 
I'm going to use my friend Denise Clason's Ribbon and Lace Storage- Check our her Picture!
She has some Excellent Organizing and Storage Ideas- I'll be spending some time Browsing this afternoon! 
I also discovered all these Awesome Stamp pads!!!

And the"Coup de Gras"...ok- I really don't know how to spell that...A whole stinkin' Storage Box full of Gorgeous Stamps!!!  Can you stand it!  If you're anywhere in the Phoenix area- come on over!!! Stamp Party!
And Finally- this Cool Carrier!  Soon to be my 'Travelling Art Case' for Daily Paper Prompt!
So it was a very exciting day!!!  It did take a while to 'Incorporate' the new goodies into my Studio...but what fun!  I'm looking forward to having my Mom and friends over for an Art Journaling Adventure and NOW I can Supply Everything!  Yay!
Have you ever Found Treasure in someone elses "All done with's"?
I'd love to hear about it!  Better yet- send some Pics!
Love to all!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zero Calorie Layer Cake!

Urban Layer Cake
Hi Everyone!  I spent a Happy Saturday playing in my Studio with my Credit Cards and Tammy Garcia's Tutororial "Urban Layer Cake"!  So much Cakey-Goodness and Zero Calories!
Even thought it was one of her 21 Secrets Courses, she has made it available to all of her fans on her Website for Free:)  The Video was so much fun that I broke out the Credit Cards and went for it!  (Spoiler Alert...the Credit Cards are for the Paint)
All the Techniques I used were Tammy's from this Tutorial- But you have to wait til the end of the Post to go to it! He he!  Not really- the link is right on this button!
So I have to make a Few Disclaimers....First of all I am guilty of "Paint Envy".  I know, I know "Thou shalt not Covet thy Neighbors Golden Fluid Acrylics"...but there they were on her Table all Bright and many!  Some day! 
So I just used what I had- most of them just the $1.39 kind- and it worked out great!   I have started my Collection of Goldens- I have Cobalt Blue so far and I just ordered "Golden Green" so stay tuned!
I have to tell you, I was able to sneak away yesterday and Paint a bit and even though everything was Organized and Right there....I made some Pretty Ugly Stuff!!
  Don't worry, I'm sure I will post it here soon- in fact I could pretty much run an "Ugly Stuff I just Made" once a week:)  But even though I understand that Ugly Stuff is just a part of the process- I just wanted to Make Something Pretty!!:) 
 I was feeling pretty Down and Frustrated last night- so Waking up to this Tutorial was a Big Blessing and just the Kick in the Pants I needed:)  And LOOK!  It's PRETTY!  Yay!
Look at all that Delicious Layered-Cake Goodness!!!
This is actually from her Second Video- I needed to wait for my other Prep Work to dry.  So this one I made with Acrylic Paint and a 'Bottle-with-the-word-"Gel" in it':)  Tammy used a Matte Gel Medium and some Gorgeous Liquid Golden Paints.  I'm not exactly sure what my 'Gel' was as I got it for 10 cents at the Thrift Store, but it worked Great!  And I think mine turned out Lovely!   I know I probably got lucky- so you may want to go ahead and go for the Real Gel:)

I used a Credit Card to mix and to apply it and overlapped the colors a bit.  I just love how it looks!  I love the Texture and the way the Colors mixed.  AND you get to get Messy!

Okay- So Disclaimer #2-  She used "Fiber" Medium which went on like Butter and looked Awesome!  My nearest Source is about a 25 minute I used a 'Red Neck Substiute'....Good Ole Spackle!
Ya- it's my $4.25 alternative for 'Texture in a Pinch'!  Here it is- I spread it on with a Credit Card and let it dry for about a half hour.  Then I kind of 'Sanded' it off a bit. 

I did put a Coat of Mod Podge over it just to keep it from flaking, but I've used it without and it has held up very well. 
I used the same Credit Card technique but just went around  the Square.  OH!  And I didn't put any Spackle in the Middle Square so I could write on later:) Here it is in all Blues and Greens:

 Yummy Texture and Card Marks....Love it!

And Here's one with a little Bit of Pink! I tried to using White this time- not too sure yet on that one!

Here's a bit of a Close Up...

Just a Few Things that I might do next time... I used the Back Side of Photo Paper for this one and it Curled a little bit at first so I think if I use Paper again I might tape down the Edges.
I used Cardboard or Canvas Board for the other ones and that worked much better.
I know you've been waiting for it- so Go Ahead!  Shoo!  Lose yourself in the Cakey Deliciousness!
Click here for  


Blog Hop: 5 Projects I Must Try!

Share the Link Love! 
5 Projects I Must Do!
I am a Day Late, but I had to Jump in for the Awesome Blog Hop- Here are my pics for "Must Try" projects.  As always- these are selected on a "If Molly Can Do it Anyone Can" basis of User-Friendliness:)  Enjoy!  I'm off to try all these Technniques!

#1  "Urban Layer Cake" by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow.  Tammy generously offered us  this former 21 Secrets Class for Free!  I watched it this Morning and am going to go try out the Techniques today!  Great Class! 

My Photo
#2 Spotlighting Techniques with Stamps from Stamping with Lorita.  I always wondered how she did this!  Also, checkout  her wonderful Story about her Twins- I was in Happy Tears when I read it!

My Photo
#3 Christy Tomilson's "Love is in the Air" Tutorial- You know I love anything by Christy, she is one of my Faves.  Just watching her is fun and I love that she encourages us to take risks and make mistakes!

#4 Roben Marie Smith's Journal Assignment from her Blog "Every Life has a Story" This is a great list of Questions that really helps you define what you Love, when you are Happiest and what you are truly looking for in your Creative Endevours.

#5 Daily Paper Prompts from Daisy Yellow- I have to list this one because it has been the Driving Factor for me this week as I try to get back to Creating in my newly Organized Studio.  Let me tell you I've made some Pretty Ugly Stuff!  But that's OK- I am moving on and continuing to grow thanks to a great group of Artists I found here.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Daily Paper Prompt Round Up

Daily Paper Prompt Round Up!

Oh My Gosh I am SO far Behind!!!!  Even though the Lovely Tammy Garcia consistently reminds us that it doesn't have to be a 'Daily' thing I still feel behind! 

It's actually not a Daily Challenge and as long as we work in order on the Prompts we can take as long as we want.  I am just  having trouble getting out of 'Index Card a Day' Mode:)

But here are the ones I've done so far in No Particular Order Whatsoever!
Stitches- Paper Collage and Stitching


Ok- Notice that I misspelled "OGEE" like a Hundred Times!  Dyslexics of the World Untie!

"Grid" Grunge:)

More Grids!
Certification- I actually finished all the ICADS!





Whew!  I have to say that I am really having to Discipline myself lately to get in there and Create Everyday.  But Man do I feel better when I do! 
What gets you Motivated when you Need a Little Push?  Here's a Great link to Aimee Dolich's Blog where she talks about how she gets "Unstuck":)

Aimee Dolich