Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Social Media Newbies Unite!!

It's a Brave New Networked World!!!

So, I've been taking Jennifer Priest's Online Class "Crafting a Handmade Business on Etsy"...and it's FAB-u-lous!!!  It's a 6 week course that really takes you through the Baby Steps one-by-one to help you get up and Running.

She is the Mastermind behind Hydrangea Hippo and is a "Mistress of all Trades" as far as I'm concerned:)

Jennifer Priest
Hydrangea Hippo's Lovely and Talented Jennifer Priest

The only Question I have for Jennifer is..."Seriously!! Where have you been all my life?"  My only problem with the Class is that I didn't find it 6 months ago when I was Crying over my Kindle reading "Twitter for Dummies" trying to figure out what the heck a "Stream" was!

I was so worried that it would be too technical for me and I wouldn't be able to keep up- but because of all the HOURS I've spent reading Kindle Books on Social Media while Sweating on the Bike- I am actually a little bit Ahead here and a Little Bit Behind there...which is AWESOME!!!  Did you see that I actually said 'AHEAD' in there?  ME?  My kids still don't believe me.

So ANYWAY- the New News is of course.....da da Dahh.....the New Banner...

AND- the New 'My Etsy Shop' in the Right Side Bar.....I am imagining the Crowd Cheering...I am wearing a Floor Length Prada and Jimmy Chu shoes....Wrist, wrist....elbow....elbow....cue dream sequence....

OK- so maybe I'm not ready for a Social Media 'Emmy' but for me I am Thrilled at my Progress!

My Banner was done with help from the Lovely and Talented Adreinne Smith....Check out her Ridiculously Cool Blog and Art www.adriennesmith.net/

For all of you Crafties and Artsies out there who, like me, want to get a Little Shop up and running- this is seriously the class for you.  It does assume that you know how to get on Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, etc...and that you can open an account on them.  

If that sounds like it's a little too much- please take the class anyway and just ask a lot of questions like I do!

Also- Check this Post out on "5 Mini Book Reviews to get "Techie" These are things I read to figure these things out. 

 I would say my Level of Internet Expertise is somewhere between "Elmo buys an IPAD" and "Blogging for Dummies" Some of it I get, some of it I have to "Read 3 Kindle Books just to figure out how to get on the Stupid Thing!"

So wherever you are at, Jennifer's Class is great information and you can just move forward as you are able.

I also love that it provided me a Checklist to Obsessively...Compulsively Follow in a Rational and Easy Going Manner:) 

 It's been a 'Safety Net' for me to check...did I remember this?  Did I do that?  Girl...you know I love a list!

So this was my Homework!  Link my Etsy shop to my Blog! And use the Same Banner for my Blog and shop.  Woohoo!!!

I hope you will Visit my little Shop- it is a 'Work in Progress' so please gentle, loving, constructive comments are Welcome!

Here's the link again: 

Love to All!