Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Owl Delivery! Mixed Media Canvases

Hoot if you Love Baby Owls!!!

Here's a Sneak Peek at the New Deliveries- Soon to be in my Etsy Shop Molly Lolly Loo:)

Many of you know of my Owl Obsession- If you have ever been on my Pinterest Boards you will Quickly Realize that I tend to Stalk Anyone who shows an interest in the Little Creatures!

It's been dreaming of making Little Baby Owls out of my 6 x 6 Canvases that I got from Blick.  

So, after weeks of trying to get Time to get to them...then fussing over the Design...fussing over the Colors-- then just plain FUSSING...they are Finally Done!!!  Five new Canvas Baby Owls-and Five new Wooden Ones....  I think I'm in Love...:)

Here they are in Progress- I did a Late Night "The Hobbit" Showing and made a mess while everyone was in bed...that way I could clean it up and have a "Ta Da" in the Morning...

So here are the other Little Guys...

Each one has Different Colors and Little Quotes..

I Collaged the background with old Book Papers and Music.

This one needs a stem and a Phrase still:)

So I haven't decided whether to Give them Feet yet....Your thoughts?

I will get them in my Etsy Shop as soon as possible.  I may steal some for the Craft Fair.

I'm finishing up Photo-ing the Wood based ones....I'll try to have them up tomorrow:)

Love to All!