Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My First Tutorial

My First Tutorial!

Index Card of the Day
Hi Guys!  I am blushing as I write this...some of my Sweet Friends at the Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day Facebook Page were kind enough to ask me for a Video of how I did one of my Cards:)
So, I downloaded the U-tube for Dummies book...but I'll need a day or so to finish it!  So here is a little Step by Step in Pictures!  I promise to post a  Video soon!  It's on the list right after "What the Heck is Twitter?" and "Google Plus What??"

So this is the Card from Yesterday:

July 1

July 2
And Here's a Similar one I did Today:
So Let's just Jump right in!
Here's what I Used:)

You know I love me some Mod Podge!  I use the "Glossy" because it gives it a little bit of a shine in there:)  There is my little Spongee...you know he's destined for a very short life!  I think he is already dried up in there on my easel!  So Sad!

Here's the Specifics:
Ranger Ink Pads-"Tea Dye" and "Walnut "Stain" and later "Ranger Archival Ink- Jet Black"
Liquitex Acrylic Ink-Transparent Raw Umber"
Apple Barrel Acrylic- "Vanilla Ice Cream"
Faber Castell Pitt Pens and a Black Papermate pen."Write Bros M"
Miscellaneous Collage papers
After assembling my "Stuff" I pulled out my stash of "Collagey Goodness" and started ripping and tearing.  I grabbed my Ranger Ink pad and Inked the Edges of whatever I glued down...I did it "Old School" with my finger baby!

 This is a piece of an Old Pattern. I also Used my Favorite...A Panda Express Recycled Napkin...that's "Double Recyled" right there folks!!! Also some Tissue Paper, Gift Wrap and Old Book page pieces. All Thrift Shop Goodies!
I applied Mod Podge Liberally on the Index card surface and on the Back of the Paper.  Then I Mod Podged right over it.  I am a Messy Mod Podger...I don't worry about little blobs or wrinkles here and there.  In the Immortal words of Sweet Brown..."Ain't Nobody got Time for That!"
Collaging Inked pieces of Misc Papers

Here's a Close up of the Wrinkley Wonderfulness. They will make great "Color Catchers" later on.

I have NO Patience...so I had Sophie Blow Dry for me...
Sophie is Thrilled!

So now is the Fun Part! 
 I used my Finger to smear on some "Vanilla Ice Cream" Acrylic...all the fun and No Calories! 

 Once I added it on, I used a baby wipe to take off a little hear and there. 
I repeated this step 2 or 3 times making sure that it was a light coat and that I could see through to the collage underneath.
Baby Wipin'
Time for some Ink!

I usually take a Deep Breath, Relax and just try to Play!  I like to get it around the edges and in the Nooks and Crannies..
I used a Cheap O brush here!
Try using straight ink sometimes and then watering it down in other areas. 
Here's what it looked like before I grabbed the Baby Wipe... 

Here's the Wipe...I also used good old Fashion "Spit on the Finger" to rub into the cracks....Don't Judge Me!...:)

I did this 2 or 3 times, letting Sophie Blow Dry in between.  This helped the Color to build up.

Ok...time for the Ink Pads.  I rubbed it lightly over the top of all the bumps and ridges.  Then I picked it up and applied a little more pressure around the edges.

Here's what it looked Like with the Darker Ink on it.

 I used a Little bit of Baby Wipe to smooth a little. I wanted to keep some of the Darker Parts. 
I felt like I needed some darker areas so I rubbed my Black Ranger Ink pad in the upper left edge and a little in the lower Right.  Then a Bit around the Edges.

Ok!  Now we get to Pick an Image! In this one I used a Sunflower. 

 I just did a rough sketch with  my Trusty Paper Mate pen. But this would be a Great Time to break out your Favorite Stamp!

I Like to have the Image about 3/4 the size of the Page...and it's kind of Nice to have it Off-set  a bit.

Here are some things that would work Great!

Or Perhaps some Big Foam Ones...

Anything like this would be great!  You could Off-set to the Left or Right.
In this one I did a very Loose sketch...but I had some help:)

I found this Great Book at a Thrift Shop.  I love that it's slightly worn and that the Font Size on the lettering is bigger.
By Watson Guptill

I used these sketches from the book as a jumping off  point. 


I "Practice sketched " my Face on a Scrap Paper...

Then.....I took a Deep Breath....Jumped up and Down a few times...Put on my "Running Music" and Just did it!  No Fancy pens...I like my Paper Mate...
Keep it real light and sketchy and Remember...it's an Imaginary Person!  You can't make a Mistake!!
I added a few Words from my Book, edged the little Papers with some Distress Ink and outlined them with my Papermate.
Here she is all Finished!
I'm going to try some More Cards with those Stamps and I'll let you know how it Goes!
I would LOVE any kind FeedBack you can give me!  I love to Learn and am trying to catch up on my "For Dummies" books as fast as I can!
Love to All!