Saturday, March 22, 2014

Barn Yard Full of Sketches

Hi All!  I've finally gotten back in the Studio to sketch and paint.  I've been a bit obsessed with Barn Yard Animals:)  I've always loved and admired Barn Yard Art- but was always too intimidated to try.  So I decided to just jump in.  I had a Blast:)

As you know I am in Love with my Scarlet Lime Roller Pen....can't live without it, am going to order them by the dozen this time!  I am just obsessed with the Inky Goodness!  Right now I'm not real confident in Acrylics yet- so I am trying really simple stuff.

 This one is Acrylic background, then an Ink Sketch with a little bit of grey shading.  Not too scary to try and I love the piggy!

This is "Jose the Rooster"'s collage.  I drew him out and then cut up the shape and added a little acrylic over the top.  Outlined in Scarlet Lime Pen....still think I want to add some White in there- I would love any suggestions:)

Here's my first's actually the Face of my Doggie Bear.  I tried to draw him and it turned out this is Bear's expression in a Sheep Face:)  It's Gesso swirled for texture, then Acrylic paint and Scarlet Lime Pen...I think I love him:)

I am hoping to make a whole Flock of Chickens:)  Here is the sketch from a picture on a Calendar...

I was too nervous to try Acrylic yet so I decided to use Water Color Pencils- I just kept layering things up and then used a little water to blend.  I feel like the Pencils really let you control where the color goes and I like the 'slow pace' of it- you can add a little at a time:)

This one I'm gonna keep as just Ink....dang I love that pen!  I just sketched it out a bit with a cheap mechanical pencil and then...Scarlet Lime Pen Baby!

I am having a great time just Sketchin' away.  I've been watching Psych Season 7 and old Columbo Episodes on Netflix while I'm working- it's been really fun- but now I am expecting someone to be Murdered every time I turn around...I think I need to switch to something other than Crime Shows...however silly:)

Well- that's the news that's news!  I am hoping to be 'Deep in Sheep' this weekend:)  We'll see what appears:)

Love to all!