Monday, February 24, 2014

Doggie Dayz

Dog Dayz


I am so glad to be back to sketching!  I don't know if any of you hit dry spells but sometimes I just can't seem to get enough momentum to break through the 'whatever it is' that seems to sit like a cloud on me.

So I brought out the Big Guns...Old detective Movies on Netflix, Diet Pepsi and a Scarlet Lime Pen and just decided to draw what was around.  
If you've been around long you'll know...we always have lots of Doggage around the Freibott House.

So Dogs have always been a big part our lives and we believe Very
strongly in 'Applying Dogs' both for Therapeutic and Relaxation Purposes.

Now that we are home more, I am really enjoying spending time with our Fur babies- and Walking Dogs helps me quiet my ADHD Mind and Body and helps me relax.  My dogs have "Walk the Mom" on their agenda every day.

I hadn't really ever sketched Doggies before, but I really wanted to try this last Christmas.  After a few tries I made these little Canvases for my In laws

It was SO much fun!  I was really nervous, but when I relaxed and decided to do a more 'Cartoony' version I felt a little better:)

I have always wanted to draw my own doggies...but if you Say you are going to Draw your very own Doggies- it behooves you to make something that looks Something Remotely like them! Let me tell you there have been a lot of 'Dog-like' Critters in my Notebook- but none that you would Recognize!:)

On one of my recent trips to the Thrift Shop I scored a National Geographics Issue with Lots of great Doggy Pictures in it.  For some reason, drawing "Dogs in General" is not as scary:)

Ok- so there have been LOTS of sketches that did not look AT ALL like any of my dogs:)  Trust me that will be another post!  Pig-dogs, Dogs that look like sheep...Goat-dogs...:)

Anyway- here are a sketches that Finally seemed to look like the Original...:)

Here's our Chug-a-bug at the lake:)

And here is Her Royal Highness Spot....she is quite Regal...

OK- so I'm getting closer at least!

Now- Bear is our Quietest Sweetie- but getting a Realistic Sketch of him has completely eluded me.

So I decided to just try to catch his expression when I told him we weren't going to watch another Episode of Psych:)

Anyway- I am hoping to one day do little paintings of my Own Doggies....we shall see how it goes!

So...when you fall on asleep on the many wet noses do you wake up to?

Love to all!