Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dr Cohen gets a Makeover

Dr. Cohen's Office Gets a Makeover

This is the Dragon that Guards the 'Procedure Room'
My husband drew the original dragon and I got to 'blow it up' to 4 foot by 4 foot and give it color!

  As I mentioned before, my son has been doing Chemotherapy for Leukemia for about five and half years. Three years the first time and now two and a half for a relapse.  Through this time we have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Cohen, Pediatric Oncologist in Phoenix and his fantastic staff..  He is an amazing man and has always treated Nick as if he was his own son. 

It wasn't really until the end of this journey that we were really able to kind of 'wake up' and get out of 'emergency mode' long enough to take stock and look for a way of giving back for all of the love, dedication and unmentionalble, unending hours of hard work that Dr. Cohen and all of his staff have invested in our family and  precious children that they help.

Dr. Cohen and his staff keep an immaculate office and are organized and up to date in all of their treatment procedures...but the office itself had not had an update for at least a decade.  Finally!  Someplace new to paint!!!
I rounded up an excellent team of High School and College students and we were able to come in after hours and 'paint bomb' the office! We painted 3 exam rooms and a treatment/transfusion room in 2 days! There was a huge time crunch because the office had to open for business and we wanted to keep things as 'stress free' as possible for the staff.  The kids were fabulous and worked their butts off!  They dodged patients, tore down old wallpaper, hauled out 10 years of old knick knacks and hid in the treatment room until Dr. Cohen had left so we wouldn't stress him out with too much change all at once!

 We had an amazing group of parents as support staff that fed and assisted the kids and Ronald Mc Donald's House Charities of Phoenix put everyone up for the night!  Ace Hardware of Prescott Valley gave us a discount on paint and local Prescott Area artists created all the art work..

I was blessed to be one of the  artists that were able to donate their work for each of the rooms and FINALLY I will try to get these pictures up!  My tremendous thanks for all of you who dedicated time, funds and prayers to this adventure!  Our goal of making a fun, safe and silly environment for the kids to do their treatments in was definitely met thanks to you!

So here are the before and afters!