Monday, April 8, 2013

What am I Painting Now?

So here's what's on the easel/table/floor of my 'studio'

If you know me, you know I never do just one thing at a's against my nature...and my ADD.  That being said I always have at least 3 things going on at once, and several different journals so that I can jump around if something is drying or I just don't feel inspired to work on a particular page.

I am just about done with a Canvas with one of my favorite things...little funky houses! It's inspired by artist Kandy Myny's "Springtime Whimsy". Here it is! It's 16" by 24"

Funky Little Neighborhood by Molly Lolly Loo:)

 As you know I am crazy obsessed with Somerset Studio's many different Art Magazines.  My favorites so far are: Art Journaling, Somerset Studio and my NEW Best Friend...Somerset Apprentice!

I basically carry as many copies of these as I can shoved into my gi-normous purse and I drool over them whenever I have a spare minute.  I've seriously read every copy I have about a 100 times and will probably read three of them again tonight!  Oh!  Last year when I was in California...I walked into a Thrift shop and there on the magazine rack was like, TEN past copies of Somerset Apprentice!!!  Can you believe it?!!  A buck a piece!  Who cares if everyone in there had 80's hair....I was in heaven!

So, what's fantastic about  Apprentice is that it has spreads of a bunch of different artists and  it shows one of their 'Mixed Media Masterpieces' and then gives you step by step instructions on how they did it!!!!  I know right?!!!  Crazy!

I decided that I would slowly make my way through the magazine trying the different techniques.  I want to make sure I give credit where credit is here is the front of the magazine...

Somerset Apprentice, Volume 5 Issue 1
Here is Kandy Myny's "Springtime Whimsy" that was the inspiration:

Kandy's Original, pg 71 Apprentice by Somerset Studio Vol 5 Issue 1

Here's my 'version':
My version:  It's funky alright!

Here's some detail pics..

There's my Starbuck's cap I found while I was out running:)

Close up Look: That's a bottle cap on the tree:) Recycled baby...

So you can see the similarities:)  It's so awesome that Kandy Myny is willing to let newbies like me play with reproducing or making something similar to what they are doing!  Thank you Kandy!  I had a great time!  I also had a great time looking at more of her work at her blog  Take a peek when you have a chance!

Here's all the new things I got to try in this one:

A Muted, Mellow Background- I have been working on color choice as I am usually all over the place!
Texture, Texture, Texture!- I used receipts and little bits and pieces from my trip to CA last month
                                          I also used: old patterns,  old 'found' cardboard, bottle caps, bits of fabric
                                          Spackle (because I'm too cheap for Modeling Paste!) Stencils, stamps and
                                          I think a few clothing tags.  They're all in there, layer upon layer
A Brayer-                         I know...I had to go google it and then still couldn't figure it out..                 
                                          It looks like a little mini paint roller!
                                          U-tube and a video from Nancy Lefko's Online class Mixed Media
                                          Backgrounds showed me how to use it:) Loved the class!
Distress Ink-                    You rub it over all the fabulous textures and bumps to give it an 'aged' look
India Ink-                          Also for Distressing
Pastels-                             For outlining and distressing

So that's what's on my 'easel' right now!  I have a few other things 'in the works' so I'll get those up tomorrow!  Love to all!