Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dr's Office Makeover

So here are the Before and Afters of "Project Makeover"!

Here we have my son , 16, looking fabulous in the Treatment/Infusion Room Before the Makeover
So this is where the kids come for their 3-4 hour IV infusions.  Note the 'groovy' early 80's wooden chairs...if you look closely, the one on the right is broken:)  You get a glimpse of the 'at-least-twelve-year- old' posters on the wall...most of them in broken frames.  And there on the right...my arch nemesis...the 'support pole of complete uselessness'.  Yes, that is a 4 inch by 4 inch post in the ridiculous middle of the room for no apparent reason other than to make a designer's life miserable and block all the wheelchairs and of course...it's right in front of the TV!

"The Corner"...this is to the right of the pic above..there's that darned pole again on the right!
Ok...so here you can see the 'before' in all of it's gory-glory.  That TV stand has actually 'become one' with the floor.  Two grown men could not move it as it had been there since the dawn of actual time.  My teens had to literally break it apart in pieces to get it out!  In the corner, you will notice the Christmas decorations stored there....this pic was taken in August:)  Note also the granny quilt...obviously made with love by someone wonderful....in 1974. The room is always freezing and unfortunately this kind of open weave quilt gets stuck in IVs and Port Access tubes.  We have a wonderful team of fabric artists making beautiful new "IV safe" quilts for this room....pictures to follow as they become available!

By far, the Crowning Glory is the Green, 'Supposed-to-Recline', 'Could-have-possibly-come-from-an-Old-Hair Salon' Chairs.  This one is broken- we have to shove it up against the wall so the kids don't fall back while they're doing an iv:)

Oh!  And yes....look closely...those are VHS videos there because  Dr. Cohen has one of the last surviving VHS players on the planet.  The TV is actually new...but it took 2 years to convince him that his vinyl wood covered TV with actual KNOBS and RABBIT EARS might need replacing.  No one asked....the old one just disappeared one day and Martinez family replaced it:)

Here is one of our buddies, 9, propped up against the wall in the 'Green Chair of Infamy':)

Here she is again, Rocking the Pink Hat and Hello Kitty shirt! She's too adorable for only one pic!

Another sad wall....

The nurses station.

Let's get on with it!

OK!  Now for the fun part!  I consulted with local Prescott Interior Designer Suzie Franks who was kind enough to offer her much needed expertise...and here is the color combos she suggested...

The fabric was the inspiration and I did a quick mock up of what we hoped it would look like once we got everything in place....And here it is on the walls!!

Here it is!!  Up and Running!


Here's the After!! The yellow made it so bright and cheery!

Same Corner
Turning over a new leaf:)

Here is that same corner.  I don't have the best pic here, I'll  take another when we're back down.  Notice the complete lack of Christmas paraphanelia, Halloween decorations from the early 90's and file cabinets that hadn't been opened in over 9 years...they all just mysteriously 'disappeared'!  We added a fun Ikea leaf to the walls and kept with a 'bird theme'.  You'll notice the TV center...it came from our bonus room, the boys painted it black and covered the hole in the floor that was made by the demise of the old cabinet:)

Here's the TV stand in it's former life.

So here are some close ups of the All New Artwork!

Collage and Mixed Media Birds haning out above the TV
Collage onto one of the pieces of the Old TV Stand!! Recycled baby!!

Collage and Mixed Media  Owls in an Alphabet tree
More owl pics:)

Collage and mixed media...the "Collage Collage" if you will..

The New Nurses Area

Bright, cheery and crisp!

More Mixed Media Owls!

Here it was before:)

The Amazing Crew!!

Here's everyone with Ronnie at the Ronald Mc Donald House Charities who graciously hooked us up with lodging and even Dinner one night!

Here's my other boy , 18,  working prepping a nursing station.

Here's my adorable neice, 16, laying down the miles of brown paper we used to keep our footprints off the carpet:)
Here are our girls passed out on the couch at the Mc Donald's House Apartment after a full day of painting.

But that's only one room!

I know, I know...but that's enough for one blog!  I'll post the other three rooms as they become finished.  We got all of the rooms cleaned, prepped, painted and we replaced any damaged ceiling tiles and the 'kick board' around the bottom of the room.  There is at least one big piece of artwork in each room and I'll post them as they become finished!

Thanks again to all of you who contributed to this project and most of all, our love and our thanks to Dr. Cohen and his staff!