Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Document Life Project

I love The Documented Life Project!!

Roben-Marie Smith

So- I am a bit behind, but yesterday I finally had some Studio Time and was able to do Both the Week One and Week Two Challenges.  They post them on The Documented Life Project Facebook Page.

Week One was "Your Front Door"...

It just so Happens that DOORS have been an image that just keeps coming up.  I think of the New Year as a Huge Open Door to New Changes.  

Also, my Dad is a Huge Jigsaw Puzzle Lover and when we visited him a few weeks ago he was doing this Awesome Puzzle that was made of Photos of all kinds of Front Doors!!!  Loved it!  

Here's a Close up of some of my Faves:
I asked him to save the Box and the small pic that came with it:)

So, this Christmas- he suprised me!!!  He had it Framed!  I absolutely LOVED it! It's going up in my studio!

So- I took the smaller version, cut out my Faves and ended up with this for my "Front Door Assignement":

You know I am obsessed with Small Houses...I think it stems from so much exposure to Dr. Seuss- I always wanted to live in his Houses!

I love Graffiti...reminds me of home:)  I'm just Molly from the 'Block'...

The Next Assignment was to do a 'Selfie'.  Most everyone took Lovely pics of themselves and made awesome pages.  I will do just about anything not to have to See a Pic of myself...

SO- I decided to use 'Symbolism'...sounds pretty mysterious right?

 The term "Be the Bunny" is Secret Code for No one but ME and Jesus...ok- and maybe my Hubby who is the Sharer of all my Secrets:)

Since our own Pet Bunnies have gone home to Heaven- I had the Awesome Opportunity to Research some "Bunny Love" and let me tell you- it was the Cutest Research I have ever done! 

I found a Cutie and sketched it out in Pencil...the Cheap Mechanical "Got-a-pack-for-a-buck" Kind:)

Then I finished it off with the Really Fine's what was sitting in my Pen box:)  

I kind of LOVE him!!!  

So that's the story of the "Selfie" so far:)

Tomorrow I am working on making Tabs in my Planner so I can find the Month/Day/Week I am looking for.

This means more "Research"....Yay!!!  I love scrolling around on The Documented Life Facebook Page and seeing what everyone is doing!!!

So have you started using a 2014 Calendar/Planner yet?  This is my first year Making one- it usually takes me a week or two to find one I like.

Let me know!  I'd love to hear from you!

Love to all!