Thursday, January 23, 2014

What does Molly eat? A Grain Free Day...

Ok- here it is...the No-Grains Food Blog I promised:)

I know it's the first of the year and we are all working on cleaning up our Food Plans.  So- when I posted a few things on Facebook about my struggles with going Grain Free people sent me a lot of messages wanting to know what the heck I DO eat:)

So- I posted some pics on Facebook- which is probably a no-no because they were in no way 'Pretty Food Pics' I promised I'd put them here so as to avoid appearing that I need  everyone to 'Like' my Rice Cakes:)

So, I've been Gluten, wheat and Oat free for about 6 years.  I was on 14 different medications mostly for Asthma and Reflux so after multiple Hospital Visits and testing- I took myself off wheat and Oats.

I am now on Nothin'.  For Asthma that is- yep, totally free- no wheezing, no Reflux, No allergies- just the Excercise Induced Asthma I was born with but that it is totally manageable naturally.

So- for a while I tried eating "Gluten Free" mixes and baking supplies- and I would be ok for a day or two...and then BAM- doubled over for 5 days.  So I discovered that I am indeed allergic to most of the things one might use in 'Gluten Free' stuff.  Spelt, Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Barley, Rye....ya  all those guys.  I was completely in denial about Corn- even though I had a stomach ache and was nauseaus EVERY time I ate Popcorn...I just wasn't able to give it up.

So, as you know we have been doing chemo with my youngest son for about 6 out of hospitals and Mc Donald's House and travelling a whole lot- so I just basically did what I could and avoided the 'Majors'.  Now that he is done with treatment- I am HOME....yay!...and I can have a Lot more food options.

Normally I exercise for about an hour a day- it's been the Stationary Bike for the last 2 years.  I usually run a Marathon in January- but this year I just didn't feel like it :)  Trust me- if you don't really FEEL like training for a Marathon- you Won't.  Also- I discovered that long distance Running was my Stress Coping Mechanism and to tell you the truth- I'm just not as stressed:)

SO-  I did NOT run Marathon this year-so I had to adjust my Food Plan to my Current Activity level.  As I am now in my 40's, it's time to convert a lot of my Cardio to Interval/Weight training.  We are P90X-ers here at Freibott house.  Someone is always doing at least one of the programs at any given time.  I've done the original program twice, P90X Plus once- and well- I was pretty Buff...I felt a bit like "Helga the Barbarian" and put an inch and a half of muscle on my waist and legs....ya, not into that really.

ANYWAY- Short story long- I did not Marathon Train- so I didn't have that 'Program' in place and we were finishing chemo so my Food was just kind of all over.  When I started doing Personal Training again this Winter- I was analyzing and writing everyone else's food plans....ya, you know where this is going...I thought "Hey- maybe I should check mine out".  

When I am running, I weigh more, my Body fat is lower and I eat like Crazy:)  My Carb intake is higher, my Upper Body doesn't stay as muscular and believe it or not- Marathon training is NOT a good weight-loss program.  Your body stores lots of muscle and becomes really effecient at burning fuel.

So- I was at my top weight last January at 127 which is fine,  I am 5 foot 4 inches...but my Body Fat was at 18% at the time of race.  This year- I've been maintaining and kind of just 'treading water' and enjoying not being stressed.  So my weight didn't change very much but my Body Fat % went Up and my Muscle Mass went down.

When I heard there was a new P90X program- P90X3....I knew I was in.  After all- I couldn't let my Son beat me at who finished the most P90s...

It's only a half hour....I was SURE I'd have to add on another 40 minutes of Cardio- because I am a Cardio Diva- love me some Cardio....  I had been slowly adding weights and it was helping- but my Muscle Mass was just not coming up.  So I gave it a try. kicked my Butt.....seriously!
Ya- this is my sad Butt laying on the floor with the Doggie 5 minutes after P90X3's 'Accelerator'...

I didn't realize how much core and Stability Muscle Strength I had lost after years of running and not focusing on Strength training or Flexibility.

So- at first I was doing 30 minutes of Cardio on top of it...that stopped I'm just walking the dogs for about 2 miles. 

 I also took a look at the P90X3 food plan and MY current actual food intake and realized I was WAY under.  I was only getting an average of 1200-1300 calories and a lot of that was from Rice Cakes and Gluten Free Waffles and Sugar Free this and that,'Fake food' really- which is fine if you are running marathon- but not if you want to Increase Lean Muscle Mass:)

Remember- a pound of Muscle Burns between 50 to 100 calories per pound every day....a Pound of fat burns less than 4...I want lots of expensive Muscle to increase my Metabolism.

So- I revamped my Food- Upped my protein to a slighlty Ridiculous 114 grams....and took out....sigh....Corn and all other "Grains".  Unfortunately...I felt Fantastic....sigh.

Ya- I am focussing on Plant based Carbs- with Brown Rice as basically my main Complex Carb.  I'm not eating a lot of Brown Rice now because I'm not doing a lot of Cardio...but I'm doing lots of Squashes, Sweet Potatoes and Green Leafies.

In about 3 weeks, my Body Fat went down 2%, which on my frame at 127 is about 2.5 pounds of fat...and my Muscle Mass went up 2 pounds- so I put a pound of muscle on each leg and lost almost 3 pounds of fat.  My WEIGHT  basically stayed the same...which is FINE.  Weight is NOT a good indicator of Fitness, obviously- if you can lose and gain 2 and a half pounds of fat with no change in weight:)   I also lost inches off my waist, hips and thighs but gained some Biceps:)

So- I felt really good the first 3 weeks...that was the "Build" portion and I started having fatigue so I added in some more Carbs...1/3 Cup Brown Rice here and there and it helped.  I am really suprised how HARD this is!  I have a lot of Core Muscle to get back!

Here is a day of Food in the Life of Molly at home, P90X3 Intense Interval/Strength Training for 30 minutes and about 2 miles walking quickly: It's about 1500-1700 calories depending on the day.

I'm not counting Calories- I just want to give you a ball park:)  

You know I do Reliv all the time- I skip the Vitamin Aisle...I need Simple all in one.

 the Classic there is the Basic "Everything you need" and the Innergize is a Hydrator...Plus a shot of Protein Powder...then
Breakfast- 5 Egg whites, 1 Yolk, Lots of Spinach, an orange and some Honey Dew 

Here's a Mid Morning Snack:

Carb/Protein plus a Fat

Fish...And YES- OK...this one has some Corn- sue me:)!
Sweet Potato, Veggies, an orange and Pistachios

 Afternoon Snack:
Reliv: Innergize, Fiberstore and Pro-vantage is Reliv's Sports Protein/Soft Tissue drink.  It's actually quite tasty:)

Turkey and Bean Chilli on Spaghetti Squash...there's another Orange...I love them, and yes, Pistachios....again...I'm Lazy ok- I just needed a Fat in there...

Ok- so here are a few alternates...I really am a creature of habit- so I have to work not to eat the same thing over and over.

5 Egg white 1 Yolk salad on Rice Cakes- Pea Pods and Fruit...I think I had a nut or two in there too.

This was an 'Emergency' one- I was at my Mom's and she served Spaghetti and I did Rice cakes, and some Turkey lunch meat.  Not the greatest- but what can you do?  I did 2 veggies and some Pistachios when I got home.

So- I am feeling excellent- my Brain Fog has ADHD is better and I am no longer craving Popcorn or fake foods...and seriously- if I want Popcorn- I'll eat Popcorn....:)

Anyway, that's just about all of it- wanted to get it all in so I didn't bore you with more than one "What Molly Eats" post at a time:)

Please leave me questions and I'll get back to you- hope it was somewhat helpful:) 

If you have any 'Grain Free' recipes- please share a link!

Love to all!