Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Mail Art from Julie Gibbons!!!

Ok- so Julie Gibbons is way Too Cool....
Check out her Business Card...!!

Ya- that's right- she just puts it out there man- and after you see her Art you get it...there's really no Comparison:)

Here are all her Deets on the Back.  I love the Beveled Edge...I think I will just do this whole Blog about her Biz Cards:)

 So I'm not exactly sure how I won the Honor of Having 3 of her ICADs....Probably the 427 entries I put on her blog post.  For the Acronym Challenged that's the Index Card a Day Challenge run by Daisy Yellow.  It's amazing what can be done on such a Small, Humble Canvas.  Julie made hers Sing...

Check these out!

There is so much going on in the background here.  
I always admire subtlety- probably because I have none!

 This Particular Message came at Exactly the right time for me.  It really made my day.

And this final one with the same scheme and Equally Awesome Deepak Chopra Coolness...

So Imagine my Happy Dance when I spotted these Two Extra Lovelies!

Two Angels with such different looks!
I was so excited I just had to share them with you.

So if you ever have a Chance to get your hands on Anything by Julie Gibbons- enter 247 times like I did and then Maybe...just Maybe....:)

Go see all of her Work at!