Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Words as Texture- Mixed Media Art Journal Techniques

Linda Arandas' Lettering as Art

My Friend Linda Arandas Just got Published!!!

I remember chatting with Linda quite a bit back and we were both talking about our Goals and Things we would Love to Do some day...

I was working on actually figuring out this thing called "Twitter" and She dreamed of getting her work Published.  
Ya- guess who made it!?!

Click HERE to go check it out on her awesome Blog!

So, when I saw what Technique she was using I was SO Excited!!! I have always been a Huge-Stalker-Fan of her Lettering Skills.  She is Crazy Good!! And now she was using it as Background, as Structure, as the Stroke Lines for Amazing Focal Pieces- it's Fantastic!

Cool right?!

I've always LOVED lettering.  And I am always Shocked now when I scribble out a Name Tag and someone actually admires my Hand writing...
If they only knew!

(Warning: Flashback in Progress)

 Being Both the Princess AND Spokesperson for the Dyslexic,  Cursive Handwriting and I were NOT friends.  Mine was Awful! 

 And I tried so Hard!   I Seriously Practiced Every Stinking Day.

In 7th Grade I remember sobbing over my paper because all my friends had this big Beautiful Curvy Handwriting with Hearts and Bows everywhere and mine literally looked like Tiny Chickens had Stepped in Ink and run amok.

Ya, this is, like, my Very Best Cursive

I was never diagnosed- and it wasn't til I had my own boys that I realized that when I write in Cursive- there is a Big Floating Hole in the middle of the paper!!  No Joke Folks!

 And.. all of the Lines are Moving and Fading in and out.  Yep- that's what we actually see...I even get 'Sea Sick' writing a whole page of Cursive.  

Ever read my Stuff and wonder "Why the heck can't this girl write a whole Paragraph??  And what's with the CraZy rAndoM Capitols??

We Dyslexic/ADDs don't like big Blocks of Text...Also, if I have Capitals sprinkled in- It's much easier for me to track the text...And- it is just a very 'Real' visual Representation of the way my Brain works:)


In 7th Grade I finally found the answer....ITALICS!!!  As soon as I disconnected those Horrific Cursive Creatures- everything was fine! It was great!  I could actually write 'Caligraphy' and I was fine- as long as I didn't connect the letters.  

Freaky I know- but if you've loved a Dyslexic you know what I'm talkin' about:)

So- ya, Rabbit Trail there!  Where were we?
 Oh Ya!  Lettering!  Love it!

So Back to Linda's Lettering!!!

I decided to give it a try.  I had a LOT of pent up energy to Journal and so I used my Writing as a Background and just kept turning the page to change the angle.

I know- No way as Elegant as Linda's but it's mine:)

It's a good way to Journal but still have a little 'Camouflauge' with what you write:)

 Linda Suggested we try Prismacolor Markers with the Brush Tip on one side and the Fine Tip on the other.  
I smell a Trip to Hobby Lobby!

So jump over to Dandelion Ink Studios and then grab a marker and Start Experimenting with Lettering!  And then send us some pics!

Love to all!