Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Moments Challenge "A Week in the Life of Molly"

The Moments Challenge- A Week in the Life of Molly:)

Hey Everyone!  If you haven't checked out The Moments Challenge with Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow....Girl what you waiting for?

It's an Instagram Challenge of posting 'One Imperfect Pic' per day that offers a Glimpse of  your Life.  At least that's what I think it is!  It might actually also include a Quote- but I have to admit to not being quite Organized enough to get to both:)

Just use the Hashtag #themomentschallenge on Instagram and you are in:)  And you can go check out Tammy's Site Daisy Yellow.  She has been posting some Serious Eye Candy Lately!  She does amazing Water Color combined with stitching- it's like color therapy!

So these are the Epic Moments that composed my life this last week.  Some less epic than others!

I started off the week with this LIFE Changing Announcement!

  Levi may have actually have Finally realized that not all Women come in Straight Lines....nor are we all a size 'Abecrombie and Fitch'...

YES!!! That is RIGHT! CURVY-Midrise-Cup-Caking-Bootcut Baby!!!  I am Rocking a Size "Curve-a-licious"!
Seriously, Run...don't walk.  Kohls...15%....Kohl's Cash...
Enough Said.

Next, My Obsession with Fortune Cookies continues...

Although I always do what my Rice Krispies tell me too...I also listen carefully to my Fortune Cookies...

I thought it was Particularly 'Poignant' (Is that the right word?) in that I am working hard in Jennifer Priest's 'Etsy Class'.  
She definitely has an Ear to the future:)

Next we have my Crafty Fair with my Momma:)  That's her Hiding back there!  Knitting like mad:)

The Night after the Craft Fair we experienced a DogApocalypse at 2:00.  Our ever vigilant Oustide Dogs had not only trapped a Rat under our Rain Barrel...but they also managed to break into the Laundry room.  So it was me...3 enormous dogs.....a #10 Can of Tomato Sauce and my Pinky Toe in our tiny Laundry Room in the pitch Dark.  My Toe lost...

So I spent an entire day with my Foot up and a Box of Kleenex as I let stress get the best of me and caught a Cold.  Trust me- no one wins when Mom can't work out.  
And yes...I am rocking the Eeyore Pajamas...

The next day I was able to shuffle around pretty well and even got on the Bike which saved our Home from "Momaggedon"...the state of living with Mom when she hasn't worked out for 48 hours.

But it did result in the Making of this Amazing Cat!!!  I don't know why but I'm completely obsessed with "Scrap Cat".  He's sitting on the Couch with me right now:)  He's the only Cat that doesn't cause half my family to Puff up like Blow Fish!

 Seriously- Nathan has to wear a mask just to eat Dinner at Grama Marsee's House- she has two "Non-Scrap" Kitties...

And Finally- The "Peace day Re-Zis-Stance" 
(ya- no clue how to spell that one)

Check out what I scored at the Thrift Shop!!!

YES!  This is my new Paint Storage unit!! For 19 Bucks baby!!!  

Ok- I have this really weird '6th sense' with Thrift Shops.  If I really need something- I start Praying about it.  And then- when I'm 'out and about' I just have this 'Feeling'.  I just KNOW that I'm supposed to stop here...or there...and I tell you...I walk in and Boom- There it is!!!

I know it's kind of Freaky:)   But there it is.

 I don't normally shop at this particular shop- I think there stuff is Over Priced.  But I drove by and Absolutely Knew I needed to stop and ...there she was!

It's only 'tricked' me once.  I needed a nice Leather vest for a Cowboy themed Camp- it was for the Youth Leader.  I had prayed about it- I was out at the Thrift Shops and kept looking...and Nothing!  It was so weird!

I had to go way out to a different part of town for something else and I was driving by and felt like a huge magnet was pulling me towards this one shop...I walked in- and there, on a Completely Otherwise Empty Rack...was my Leather Vest- exactly the Right size.  Yep.

I said "Oh! There it is"...smiled at my Awesome Lord and rang that puppy up for.....You Know a Ridiculous 50% off the already Ridiculous price!!! 

That's just the way I roll....

 So Here's to a new week filled with #TheMomentsChallenge!  I hope you'll jump in!

Love to All!