Sunday, November 24, 2013

Creative Because I Wanna Be

A Break Through- In which I finally Create because I WANT to...

Hey Everyone!  When last we talked I had made a Major Organizational Score in my new Paint Storage/Kids Toy Shelf!  Woohoo! 

Before- I had my Paint up on a shelf- which was OK- but I ended up having Baskets of Paint all over the place and could never find the one I wanted.  AND- I was very tempted to just leave them here and there while I used them.

Now It's SO Much easier- and having all my Ink etc all in one Place makes things Faster and Less Stressful.

So Speaking of Stress- Since the whole Craft Fair/Christmas Gift/Get the Etsy Shop stocked Saga began I've had a bit of a Block creatively- I just, well, stopped creating new things.  I think it was because I felt like I had to be 'Doing something that fit in one of those Catagories' or I wasn't being 'Productive'. 

This always Snowballs for me into a bit of a 'Creative Paralysis' and I end up not Creating just for Fun and for Relaxation.   Which continues the Cycle of Stress...
So finally...after Sophie staged an Intervention and said Point Blank-
"Girl- what you doin?- Ain't nobody got time for that!"

I took a Big Breath- drew on all the Caffeine fueled Memories of my time with my Honey in Sedona...

And just got in there and 'Got 'er done'!

I got the Paints all organized, grabbed a Thrift Shop Rescue Board and started Working on something I've had in my head for awhile.

I had just read Somerset Workshop Autumn 2013 Edition and was really inspired by Junelle Jacobsen's work.   She has a project called "Camera Canvas"- its an  Awesome Mixed Media Tutorial and I decided her Techniques would help get this 'out of my head' and into the real world.

Here are some ways you can find her:

So first I primed the 'Previously used' board with Turquoise and then used my Fave Collage materials- Old Books, Music, Hand painted and Ready Made Collage papers and arranged them in Heart shapes and Mod Podged them down. 


Then I covered it with Black and added more Bright Paint here and there...loved the colors!

I added even more 'stuff' on top- Sophie said to call it  'Ephemera' but I'm not feeling quite that 'Fancy' today:)

Then I added some Doodling and shading and more fun stuff like Buttons, wire and a Cute little Clothespin....

I was a little intimidated about the Wire thingee- but it turned our really fun and easy!  That is until I tried to trim it and cut the Wrong Wire and the whole thing fell apart...:)  This is the Second Try..

Buttons Buttons Buttons!!!!  I love them!

 And here it is!  Not sure whether it will be a Gift or in the Etsy shop:)

Since then I've Burst into Happy Random Creating- Sketching, Painting,'s good to be Back in the 'Swing of things'...

How are you doing with the Holiday Hectic-ness?  Are you creating just for the Love and the Joy of it?  Do you need to Sequester yourself away for a bit and just Play?

Let me know!
 Sophie says...Okay-  she fell asleep... The Diva is down for a nap...

Love to all!