Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paint Storage Organization- Finally!

My New Paint Storage Unit!

Hello All!  I am so grateful that My Love and I got to escape for the weekend.   Sedona has such a way of Recharging your Batteries- giving you an Incredible sense of the Wonder of the Creator and just really Sending you back ready to Jump in again:)
I couldn't even Wait a few Hours to get my new Paint Storage Unit all filled up and ready to go!
Here she is at the Thrift Shop- just waiting Patiently for me...

And Voila!!!  Here she is all full!  Please disregard the Mess that surrounds her...I tend to make things Worse before I make things better:)

I am Really excited to be able to See all the colors at once.  This is going to save a lot of "Where the Heck is that Color" Time.  I also separated out my different Acrylics.

Ahhh.....I love the 'Rainbow-y-Goodness':)

I added my Stamp Pads, Spray Inks and Oil Pastels so I could just Grab a Bin when I needed it.  The Bins are really Heavy Duty Plastic- those are hard to find anymore.  Way worth the $19 bucks I stole it for!!

AND!!!  I can just lift this Sucker up by the side handles and move it wherever I'm working...Yessss!

Here she is in her 'Somewhat-Permament-Home'. 

Scrap Cat both Observed and Approved of the new Arrival from her Perch on my Worktable...

Sophie, however, after a Hard Day of Napping and chewing on things....was Less impressed...

And I was So inspired by all the Energizing and Relax-I-cising in Sedona that I worked on my latest project...here's a Sneak peek...:)

So how are you doing on the whole Christmas is Coming Madness thing? Has panic set in yet?:)

Love to All!