Monday, November 18, 2013

Sedona Dreaming....

Sedona Dreaming...

Back from Sedona for a Quick Get Away with the Love of my Life:)  We love escaping to the land of Red Rock and Green Water.  I still can't believe we are less than an hour away!

We had such a Quiet Relaxing weekend Soaking up the Beautiful Views!  We stayed at our Favorite little Inn where you can just sit on the Balcony and Absorb all the Gorgeousness....

This was our First time there with the Fall, just breathtaking...

This time- we took a Train Ride!

We rode the Train in Clarksville up an Incredible Valley- you would Seriously never even know all this was there if you didn't take the train.  And there is an Actual RIVER there!  Ok- anywhere else it would be just a 'Crick' but in Arizona, man-it's a River!

It was so Beautiful!  We usually like to hike but since I've been having 'Toe Troubles' we opted for a 'Seated Tour'....we even had a Champaigne Toast!  Lovely!

We had such a Wonderful time just being together, relaxing, soaking up the Gorgeousness...

And of Course...drinking Coffee!!!  Yes- this was my first time to Sedona as a Coffee Drinker!!  And it's true- Coffee does make Everything Better!

And here...My First Red Cup of the Season!!!

And Check out the View from the Starbucks!!!

I LOVE having a Socially Approved Addiction!!!  Everywhere I went- people were offering me Coffee--often for Free! 

I'm feeling so Refreshed and Energized and I think I am finally beyond the 'Arting Block' I was suffering from 'Post-Craft-fair':)

Looking forward to getting my New Paint Storage Unit into my Study!!!

Love to All!