Sunday, November 10, 2013

Craft Fair Booth Fun

Craft Fair Fun

So this Weekend was the Annual Prescott Valley Southern Baptist 
Craft Fair!!!

If you remember  I was stressin' out Major trying to get things done both for My New Etsy shop and for this event in "Organizing, Planning and Scheming- Oh My!" 

This is my Mom's Church and some of My Favorite People are there!

I got to Share a Table with My Momma:)
I pulled out some of the things from my Etsy shop brought some things I had from last year...

Here are my Mom's adorable Angels and "Pot People Nativity Set"- they are SO Cute!

The Nativity set my Mom made me is One of my Prized Posessions.  It is on the "Grab on the way out the door when the house is burning down"...along with the Yarn Ornaments my Sister in Law Lisa made me when she was little....everything else is replaceable.  They are in a special accessible Box with the Zip Drive of all our pics:)

The People from Southern Baptist Church are SO much fun- I would have been happy to just come and sit around with all the Vendors and the Staff!

At this Fair, the Ladies from the Church were the Cashiers and we provided 2 part tags so they could keep Track of Inventory.  It worked out Great and made our time so simple and easy.

The place was all Decked out and Decorated, Music Playing and Delicious food was prepared in the Kitchen for the "Christmas Cafe"

Everything was organized and all the Vendors were so friendly.  I just love living in a Smaller Town because I met Vendors that I had seen 'around town' or 'at the Feed Store' and we were instantly friends.

Here is Maggie Smith and her Hubby Don are two of my Favorite People!  That's him in the Background making a Cinnamon Bun Run:)

Maggie is an Amazing Author of two Fantastic Books "Tommy Wilson Junior Veterenarian" and it's Awesome Sequel.  They are two of My Sons Favorite Books!  You can e-mail her at

She does Book signings, Readings and Special Events with local Schools and has an excellent Blog.

Here is Our booth next to Maggie and Don so we got to hang out together for 2 days!

There was LOTS of traffic- especially for a little town and I sold more than I thought I would which was great:)  

That's my Mom hiding back there:)
She's is Working on a Scarf for Maggie. 

 And here is the TRUTH behind this Craft's really a Front for a Knitting/Crochet Guild!!

Whenever we didn't have walk throughs...Everyone whipped out the Needles and Hooks and BAM-  Yarn-a-pa-looza!

Yes- Everyone in this picture is knitting...or crocheting...and whatever you do, Don't get the two mixed up!  

I tell you- my mom showed my new Friend Mary how to Knit in 10 Minutes....I've been her daughter for Forty some odd... I mean for 'More than 20 years'...:) and I Seriously can't knit a stitch!

Are there any Knitting Dyslexic out there?  My Mom is left handed so when I am watching her everything is backwards....I tried standing on my head while she showed me, which helped quite a bit...but still nothin':)

Here is our Friend Wanda Stichks

She and My Mom got together and made these cute little Purses.

Too fun!

I met some Fantastic Artists, Crafters and Jewelers and made some Wonderful Contacts!  I look forward to featuring them here as Guest Artists so Get Ready!

Until then....Love to all!