Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Index Card a day

 My Giant Leap into "An Index Card a Day"

My Very First Index Card!

Ok, So I will admit that when I first saw the "Index Card a Day" Button on Tammy Garcia's Blog "Daisy Yellow"....I was skeptical.  An index card?  Really?  Hmm.......

But then I had an epifany...  What do I love even more than Nuttella???!!!  SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING!!!  This was my excuse!

As you might know, my boys are now a Senior in High School and a Senior in College.  But GIRL, you know I am right there at Walmart's "Back to School Sale" elbowing my way to those 50 cent Composition books!  Pencils, White Board Markers in colors I'll never use, Crayons, Organizers, dividers..AAAEEEHH! I LOVE IT!

I suppose now I have to call them "Office Supplies" as my oldest son was not at all impressed with the Hello Kitty Notebook with matching Pencil Case that I scored for him....on SALE even!

So, off I went!  I grabbed enough Index Cards to last two lifetimes, which is just the way I roll, got home, opened them up and ZAP....the magic happened!

Index Card Day 2....okay, not really I couldn't help making a bunch of the on Day 1!

I am now COMLETELY addicted to Index cards.  I want to sketch on them, paint them, collect them, organize them, organize them again, Mod Podge them and just generally roll around in them!

These babies are so user-friendly and are completely non-judgemental, non-threatening and non-scary!  A great way to chase away the "blank paper syndrome" that haunts us all. And use can use them for literally anything! Gifts, collage, art work, mail art....great stuff!

I found an awesome blog today by Karen Isaacson called "I am Rushmore".  You absolutely MUST read her profile to find out what inspired her to choose that unusual was really brilliant.  She had a great post on the "Index Card a Day" Phenomenon and some beautiful examples of her own cards.  It is definitely worth the time!  Hop on over with this link!

Card I am pretending is Day 3:)

So Jump right in with me!  Click on the "Index Card a Day" Button on the right and it will take you to Daisy Yellow where you can meet the gal who started it all!

Send me your 'Index Art' and I'll post mine!