Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New and Improved!

Seriously...those are your Pictures?

Okay, So I am totally editting this right now because I am SO COMPLETELY better at blogging now then when I wrote this...practically an expert...I am, as you know, one third of the way through "Blogging for Dummies"...so Ya, I know what I'm doing....( My 16 year old Neice is on the floor laughing right now...)

(My original text is not bolded...for your laughing pleasure:)

I promised better pictures.... or at least not completely hideous pictures....and VOILA!!

Ok.  Still not perfect....but progress my friends...PROGRESS!

(OK- now seriously this was a stinkin' good photo for me two weeks ago!)
I am now the proud owner of Picasa Editing Software and am hoping that all my future photos will be much eaiser on the eye. 

(It's About time!!!Of course I have no idea where in Picassa these are now...that's the next Chapter in "Dummies"...)
Here are some reposts of the worst offenders:)

Really Bad Picture #1

Really Bad Picture #2

So...the obvious problems: 
The paper is warped, the lighting is dim  and I have an ugly Kitchen Table...
Iron the pages between two clean rags
Take the pic outside in better light
Try to convince my hubby to let me paint the Kitchen Table AND
Run the photo through Picasa, crop, add light and....


So much better #1

"Can't believe I didn't learn this sooner" #2

(Your Eyeballs will Thank Me!)

Thank you for coming with me on this Journey!  I hope to inspire you with those profound words from "The Magic School Bus" ....."Get messy!  Make Mistakes!"
Send me a sample of a really tacky photo and it's new and improved version!