Friday, May 24, 2013

Puddle Jumping Journal

 My Collaged "Idea Book"....Using the "Good Stuff"!

Puddle Jumping Collage!

This weeks Art Journaling Adventure  at 21 Secrets is "Jump in Puddles"  by the lovely Kim Phillips Van Buren. Kim has the most wonderful, quiet sweet spirit that just flows out to you from her brief but powerful video lessons.  Her gift to us is a tool for "Getting Unstuck".   You can find her on her Blog "The Dutchess of Orange".

We have all experienced being 'stuck' in some part of our lives; creatively, emotionally, spiritually. Sometimes we have parts of our life that feel alive and flowing while other parts are just empty, dried out and barren.  Sometimes it's fear that dries us out...fear of failure or even fear of success.  Sometimes we've just gotten so busy in the everyday-ness of life and have forgotten to go back the Source.  Just like we can't stop breathing, or eating and drinking to noursih our bodies, our hearts, souls, minds and spirit need to be 'Watered' or they slowly shrivel up.

In Jeremiah, God repeatedly calls himself the "Source of Living Water" and in John 7:37 he has this to say:

He who believes in Me [who cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me] as the Scripture has said, From his innermost being shall flow [continuously] springs and rivers of living water.   (Amplified)

I didn't realize just how "stuck" I was until I 'jumped in' with Kim and started going through my hoarded 'favorite' pictures, images and bits and pieces that I was saving for 'the perfect page'.  I found this funky 80's 'scrapbook' at the Thrift Shop for $1.99 and loved it because the right side is a pocket and you can slide out that white paper for some Secret Hidden Journaling:)

I was of course "saving it for the perfect time"....guilty!:)  I'm so glad I Jumped in that Puddle and now I have my first completed Journal!!

Pattern Play...ideas for Doodling
She encouraged us to boldly "use the good China" and to put those treasures into a place that we could enjoy and splash around in them.  These are all pictures that I love to look at and would like to sketch at some point.   They are also great for inspiring new patterns while "Doodling with much Zen':)

Juicy Animal Pics for the Armadillo..
Her advice of moving quickly and not letting our critical mind catch up with us was so spot-on!

  I am SO color and image driven that this was huge for me.  I think, feel and react in pictures, colors and patterns.  I have since I was tiny.  It is sometimes very difficult for me to communicate verbally and so I end up very 'stuck' in a lot of areas of my life. 

Just seeing all those things on the page, the colors, the images and the patterns is so suprisingly healing!  I feel like the 'junk' is being cleaned out of my system and the Source of Living Water is able to rush in to those thirsty areas.. 

My favorite Colors!
Now I can grab this 'Inspiration Book' anytime I am feeling a little 'blocked up' and all my favorite pictures and colors are all in one place!  This is such a great technique! 
Won't you grab those old magazines that are lying around and a Glue Stick?   Just cut out whatever jumps out at you and glue those suckers down- it can be in a 20 cent notebook from Walmart....I promise you magic will happen!  Please check out Kim's wonderful Blog and On-line Classes at "The Dutchess of Orange".