Friday, May 31, 2013

Share the Link Love!

So today is my first Friday of "Share the Link Love"!
  Scoot on over to Daisy Yellow and Crafty Pod.  I am hoping that I am doing everything correctly! 
If you notice any mistakes, please leave me a loving comment as I SO appreciate the help!

So here are some of my FAVES!

1.  AJ's World  by Amethyst Joelle Freibott-  This Blog's writer is an amazingly gifted, soulful and wise-beyond-her-years teen.  She is heart-wrendingly honest and offers us a look into what it's like to pursue her passion and live the life she feels called to, while trying to survive as a teenager.   

2.  Whimspirations by Joanne Sharpe-  You probably know her has the "Letter Love" gal.  My Mom and I cruised her fantastic blog together and signed up for her Lettering 101 on the spot!  And I'm already doing 21 Secrets!  You won't be able to resist!

3.  Morning Dew by Morning Dove- I met lovely Morning Dove in Tammy Garcia's 21 Step Water Color class and just loved her work!  She has an amazing voice and brings her own 'spin' to all of the work she does for her classes.  Take some time to browse her site!  I know you'll love it as much as I do!

4. I am Rushmore-  I just love this gal's style!  Please go read her was fantastic!  This is one I will definitely be following!

5.  Daisy Yellow by Tammy Garcia- Ok, so I know you probably already know all about Tammy but just in case you don't...go there now!   I am a huge fan and follower of Tammy, her art and her blog.  And she is the one responsible for all this "Linky Love"!

So join me as I romp around to new and exciting Blogs...who knows, you might just find a new Friend!