Monday, May 20, 2013

Water Color Playground!

Psychadelic WaterColors!

Water Color Playground!
  Once again I've been immersed in 21 Secret's Art Journaling Wonderland!  21 Classes, each fabulous and different!  I've been trying to focus on one class at a time to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed.  I tend to take several classes at once and have several projects going...but with all the new techniques it is just too much even for me...the 'Queen of ADD'!

I am currently taking Tammy Garcia's "Water Color Playground" on-line course and I have to say it has been one of my favorites.  I am absolutely completely new to WaterColors and was very intimidated.  I also had the mistaken idea that Water Colors were...well, OLD!  I have only seen really watered down pieces and I am really all about the Vibrant colors.....and Tammy's Class really showed me how wonderfully wrong I was!  They are totally Psychadelic!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone out there..from complete beginner like me to experienced Water Color junkies! Her Art is Inspiring and her Blog Daisy Yellow is Great! 
Let's all pause for a moment of silence to commemorate the fact that I, Molly, actually managed to put an actual LINK...a WORKING LINK!....inside my blog.  A tear is slides silently down my proud cheek.....
OK!  So on to Water Colors!!  The top one is our first class "Stripes"....Love the Colors!!  And she showed us how to do the groovy lettering that I've always wanted to try!

I apologize again for the picture quality.  Today my neice, who is also my "Blog Tech Support" is going to show me how to stop taking really lame pictures with weird angles and strange borders.  I, like you, will be very relieved...

This was our "Bubble" assigment.  I am totally addicted to this technique and sat through two Disney Fairy Movies making Bubbles for this class!  It was so soothing and relaxing..and it takes a lot to get this chick to relax!

Water Color Bubbles!

Blue and Green Bubbles

This next one was the Final Project called "Playground".  She gave us so many ideas!  AND you got to watch her paint hers with the camera sped up which was really fascinating.  I am definitely going to do another one of these.  It's something I can do while sitting with the fam in front of the TV or while watching old Psych re-runs:)


I did this whole class with a Water Color set that I picked up at the Thrift Shop for a buck! Now for those of you who don't know, I am a "Thrift Shop Diva" and the Lord is very good to me when I beg Him for new supplies!  But, you too could find an inexpensive set and use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to buy an 8'x8' Water Color pad for about $3.49.  Then you would be off and frolicking in a Water Color Wonderland!  Consider treating yourself to Tammy Garcia's Class or better yet, sign up for 21 Secrets Art Journaling Course and Join me on the 'Play Ground'!