Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bridge to New Beginnings

Bridge to New Beginnings!

So, I have started working on a Prayer Journal based on the book "The Hour That Changes the World".  It's an "oldy but a goody" that I found at a thrift shop when I was about 13 years old. It changed my life way back then.  And then just recently found it again!  I knew it was the Holy Spirit working on me.

As I've been working on art for the different sections I really felt the Him letting me know that I needed to get away....alone.

If you know me, I don't do alone:)  I am usually going at the mock 10 running around, keeping busy....the word God used was "Distracting".  He wanted me to get away from all the distractions that I am currently addicted to so I could listen to Him.

It's been a long couple of years as my son has gone through his second round of chemo therapy for Leukemia and survival has sometimes been the order of the day ...enter in 'distractions'.  Some of them are  good, like  our love of reading and studying the Word, watching movies as a family... and finally this!

But God is whispering that He is going to be doing a new in order to quiet down my racing brain I went on a little adventure with Him...

We, myself and Jesus, ended up in some pretty awesome places...secret places...I'll never tell!

The sound of the water drowned out my cycling thoughts and I was able to sit on a rock like a lizard and just "Be" know "BE still and know that I am God..." I never really seem to make it to the 'still' part.
It took a while of quiet for me to start to hear Him. 
In fact, I am so unaccustomed to quiet, to sitting still and to just 'BE-ing' that I had to take a break and run around for a while....then He took me to another Secret Place.

We had a great Meeting...He was there, the angels were there, several birds and a dragonfly were there.  He went over the new plan with me:)

It's time for some New Beginnings!  I hope you will join me and learn to follow His quiet voice!