Monday, May 27, 2013

Dollar Store Art Bonanza!

Just a Buck!

You know I love the thrill of the HUNT!
I made an EPIC expedition recently to my local Dolllar Store....the GOOD know, with the stuff that's actually a Dollar...

I hunted slowly and meticulously through the aisles in search of the often Illusive 'crafting-wonder-of-the- week'.  This weeks target... "printing madness".

Behold!  The creature reared it's head and was snapped up in my frenzy......

Extra Juicy Catch of the Week!!!
Here it is in all it's JUICY print making delicious-ness!!! 

And.. in action for my latest class at 21 Secrets:

Can you see the glorious evenly spaced Magic Dots??? I went a little crazy and ended up stamping 'White Dotty Goodness on almost everything in my studio!

Here's another shot..

It's a little harder to's just adding to the yummy texture of the page...look up there on the right with the red area....too fun!

I just smeared some White Acrylic Paint onto a paper plate with my brayer (the little roller thingee), dabbed  the dart board in face down and Voila! I stamped everything I could find!

And when you are can throw the darts at your family!!
Don't worry, they have rubber tips and will fall apart as soon as they leave your hand...there's no actual danger of contact!

Stay tuned for the next "Dollar Store Find of the Week!"