Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inky Messy Fun

Ink Background...Love them!

Hey Everyone!

Gosh darn it if life doesn't really get in the way of my blogging!

I am happy to report that after a very stressful week of 'life' in which I wasn't able to sneak away too much...I am back up to my elbows in paint and frolicking around in my Art Room working on my latest class "Journal Soup" by Kate Crane, part of 21 Secrets Art Journaling Course.

This has been a fantastic romp through my art supplies and especially focussed on Ink Play!  Too fun!  I learned that you can actually spray the ink ONTO a 'craft mat' and then press your paper on top of it to make delicious patterns and backgrounds. 

I had no idea what a 'craft mat' was and suspect it might be a British invention, so when my 16 year old wasn't looking, I stole one of his plastic cutting boards:)   I am very much aware that my gifting is not in cooking- so my Son, probably as a matter of self preservation, has taken to doing a lot of the cooking.  He hasn't noticed yet...so I am hoping to find a 'craft mat' soon so I can return the now 'muti-colored' cutting mat to it's proper place.

Everyone was doing kind of weird funky figures so I just jumped in.  I have been working on drawing faces and since we are still involved in chemo most of my female faces and girls are bald:)  Bald and Beautiful !
My little angels:)
There are three sessions in this class so I am working on the next one right now.  I will post them as soon as I can get them facing the right direction!  I hope you will see that strange is totally acceptable and jump in!  Grab your 'cutting board' and some ink and get messy!