Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Organizing, Planning and Scheming...Oh my!

From 'To Do' to 'Ta Da!!!

Tis the Season!  October that is...or to my Crafty Sisters...'Crunch Time'!

This is only my Second Year doing a Christmas Craft Fair....while trying to Stock an Etsy Shop....while Also trying to make Hand Made gifts for family...while still making sure my Children don't go hungry and/or naked.

It's a very Strange mix of Lighting Pumpkin Latte Candles while Painting Two Dozen Clay Pot Nativity sets:)

My Mom and I both had a Booth last year and it was Fabulous!   We had so much  fun just hanging out with all the Artists and Crafters...drinking Hot Chocolate and listening to Christmas Music!  Good times!  And we did really well:)  They had a lot of traffic and we seemed to have the right 'Niche'.

The 'Hot' Items were Purses, Scarves, Bird Houses, Angels and Owls...pretty much in that order.   I did end up wishing I had more inventory so this year so that means keeping track of a LOT of open Projects.

So, this was a Stretch of my 'Right Brain Planning' powers...I had to come up with a Visual way to Keep track of all the Craft Fair, Gift and Etsy Projects and making it at least Look like I was making progress.

So I combined my Mad Love of Office Supplies with my Infatuation with To List and came up with......
wait for it.....

The Ta Da List!!

Ok- ya, I guess it's a little less Glamorous than the Build up....

But Note the Brilliant use of Two different colors- Blue for Craft Fair, Pink for Christmas Gifts...
AND! There's the highly Technical Process of moving the Post It  note...from the Left side of the Board- to the Right Side of the Board!
How do I come up with this stuff?!

So Here is my Stash of "Thrift Store Rescues":)

Here we have the Two Main Staples of my Craft Fair 'Soon to be Irrisistables'...

Ugly Wooden Plaques and Outdated Frames No One wants:)

As of Tonight-  This is the Progress I've made...

Ta Da!!!

It's a Start eh?!

What is on your Craft Fair/Christmas Present 'Ta Da' List?