Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Mini-Book Reviews on "How to get Techie"

Five Books that Helped me Get More "Techie"
The Techie Juggle

I really wanted to Share with you a little of what has gone on behind the scenes in my Very  Recent Transformation from using an 8 year old Computer and a Smart Phone that I could just barely Text on, to being able to 'Flop Around Pretty Well" with a Blog, Facebook, Twitter and now...just barely...Flickr.  Those of you who know me know that this a Major Miracle!

How am I doing it?  LOTS of READING and Trial and Error....and letting myself do it...gasp....WRONG for a while:) Plus lots of help and support from Wonderful people on line who I don't even know, but who are sweet enough to let me know when I am doing it backwards:)

So because of my "Complete Newbie" status,  my Reading Time has been devoted to very Practical Stuff....
Here's the list for the last two week's list:  I tried to Post a Picture and to Link to either a blog or a Website wherever I could. 

Molly's List of Very Practical Stuff

Blogging All-in-One For Dummies

"Blogging for Dummies, All in One" by Susan Gunelius-  I use this Every Day!!! So practical and it was Actually REALLY for Dummies...sometimes I need an even "Dummier" Book...but I did great with this one! Click on the Link to learn more about Susan!


"How to Twitter, Getting started with 30 Daily Doables"...by Stacey Myers- Nitty Gritty Good.  It was a nice Step by Step that you could follow One day at a Time or Gobble up all at once.  (I'm a Gobbler!)  Stacey even invites you to join her on Twitter...which I did!  She was my first Tweet!  Cool! Stacey Myers is busy on Twitter...go visit at the link!

Tweet Right" by Nicola Morgan-   This is my favorite! Nicola is Brittish and Hi-LAR-ious!  I was trying to ride the Exercise Bike while I read it and kept dropping my Kindle because I was Laughing so hard.  She really focused on the 'social nuances' of Twitter and it was a Great Read!  I follow her..you can too- just click the link!

"How to Start Making Your Art Your Business";  by Tamara Holland-I'll read this  a Bunch of times!  This gal is a go-getter, former Lawyer, make-things-happen kind of person.  I totally related to her and loved her task management and goal setting recommendations.  I couldn't find a pic of her book...so here's a pic of her! Go check out the link for more info!


"A Beginner's Guide to Flickr" by Alissa Richards- Got me up and running! It was a quick little book with just the Basics of how to get your feet wet.  And my Feet are Soaking-stinkin'-wet thanks to Alissa!   Could't find a blog or website for her though;( I'll keep an eye out and update you if I do.

So, if you, like me, are trying to stick your toe in the "Tech Waters" and especially if you are trying to move into the 'Creative World' on a more 'full time' basis...come Swim with Me!  I'd love to hear your story and share this Crazy Road.  You know that 'Crazy Loves Company"!
I'd love to Hear from You!
Love to all!