Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Christmas Cards & Mailing Envelopes!

Well, I have to say that in my head, my 5 x 7, Professionally Printed, High Quality Christmas Cards have already been sent out to Everyone I know:)  

In Reality- didn't happen...obviously or you'd be reading one Right Now!:)

I Did Manage to get a few done so that in my Heart I felt like I accomplished 'The Dream'...  But I have to tell you that the Main reason I did ANY of them is because I was told by a Local Printing Guy that it was "Basically Impossible".... or at least so "Difficult" and "Time Consuming" that he basically couldn't "even think of doing it right now."

What did I ask him to do?  To slap an 8 x 10 canvas on his Scanner and make into a 5 x 7.  I know- Nothing like this has ever been done in the History of Mankind...

So, I came home- slapped that puppy on my HP Printer...set it to 76% and pressed Copy.  Ya- it worked just fine.  Needless to say this guy missed out on a Lot of Biz and Referrals.  So if you're in the Prescott Valley Area, please contact me before you go 'a-huntin' for a Printer Guy... here is the Canvas.  It was from Last year and I didn't give them away because I realized after looking at them that they all looked like the Kids on the Unit with in Hospital Gowns...:)

Here's another one...:)

Ya...see what I mean?

But, Time was of the essence, so I tried to choose the "Least Hospitally and Most Angel-y" one and did the Impossible...printed it in a 5 by 7...ya...amazing:)

I had bought some really Ugly, Late 80's, Mauve and Forest Green Cards and Envelopes at the Thrift Shop a while back.  Fortunately they were only ugly on the Very Front,  so I just Mod Podged my Angel right over the top, we'll call it 'Upcycling'. And then I made a full size one and slapped it on a Mail Envelope.  Tada!

I will admit they are NOT professional Grade and Definitely not Etsy or Pinterest worthy:)  But I think the people I love that I sent them to were ok with that:)  And a Little Love, and Mod Podge, goes a long way...

So here they are...  Just some Christmas Fun without the Big Christmas Commitment:)

So...the Cards were like 10 cents....for all of them:)  
The Mailing Envelope...25 cents, same Thrift Shop...
4 Color Copies  I'm going for 50 Cents- but I'm not real sure- there's probably an App for that...

So, like, under a Dollar....Yay!  Postage on the Big Guy was $1.75 and I filled it with the other little ones and Gift Cards so it was all going to the Same Place:)  Under $5.00!

AND-  these were all Accomplished while D.O.L. (Dog on lap)

Sophie was  just about done with Crafts for the night...

Next year I definitely want to go with something more 'Thought Out' and Professional looking- but it's nice to know that in a can Make it happen:)

So grab some Mod Podge, an Ugly Greeting Card, Several Assorted Beverages and a Print of one of your Favorite Pics.  You've got all you need for some Holiday Magic....

All you need...except do need Popcorn:)

Love to All!