Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Fabulousness on a Budget- Table Centerpiece

Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome to my "Christmas Fabulous on a Budget" Series where Sparkly on a Shoe string is not just a clever alliteration:)

So, yesterday I shared that I Totally SCORED at the Thrift Shop!!! 

Here is just Part of my Stash...the stuff I Haven't used yet...

Look at all that Sweet Tasty Second Hand Love Baby!!!


So...here's today's Project. I wanted a Table Decoration that was cool- Zazzy and Not to Tall that we couldn't talk over them. 

Warning!!!  I do Not do 'Arrangements' at all!  My idea of 'Arranged' is throwing a bunch of Pine Cones in a bowl....ok, I guess that's pretty much what I did here....hmmm....

Ok- so the Very first think I saw was this Awesome glittertastic Bowl.  Ya- it was a Buck:)  That's how I roll....

Then- I scored these brand new White Linen Napkins for Fifty Cents Each.  Since I had a Dark Table I wanted a contrast and I didn't want to Mess with a whole Table Cloth.

Add the Pre-requisite Pine Cones (Free)....Some Banged up, Backwards, Pink Ornaments that Fell off Tomorrow's Project and Voila!


Ok- so all the Froofy-Fabu Sparkle Fun there on the top came later...  I wanted to try to keep it under $5.00.

So...Here's the Tab so far:

Beady Bowl                                  $1.00
Pine Cones                                    Free
White Gauzy Stuff                         Stole from a Wedding
Wonky Pink Ornaments                Fell off an old wreath- free
White Napkins                              50 cents
Green Circle                                  Had it for a while:)
Silver Balls- 10pk Dollar Store      50 Cents

$2.00  Total!!!

And so...I Splurged and got 3 Sparkly, Indulgent Add ons. 

 Fortunately the Glitter-gods were smiling and I hit Another Half Off Sale, this time at Hobby Lobby

Sparkly Blue and Green Ribbon Thingee                $ 2.99
Green Ball Bendy                                                    $ 1.49
Blue Bendy Ball                                                      $ 1.49

An Outrageous $6.00....
But half-off brought me to $3.00
for a Fabulous

 Here it is in all it's Glory:) 

And Yes...that IS an Enormous Coffee Filter Lampshade there.

I'm thinking next year we might go Bigger....

Thanks so much for Playing along with me:)

Love to all!