Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Our Sweet Little Tree

  Our Sweet Little Tree

I'm Back!  Good Grief did I ever Over Estimate what I would be able to get done this Season!  I am chalking it up to End of Chemo, My Mom's Surgery and a Crazy Flu Like Something that just wouldn't let go of me...

Fortunately we are all back in the Swing of things!  Nick, my 17 year old, is Cancer Free, My Mom's surgery went More Wonderfully than we could have imagined and after 4 weeks of Yucky Flu Like symptoms, I am finally feeling better:)

So- How the heck are you doing on the Holidays?  I am Fluctuating between a Glowing Happiness that I got to do some Home Made goodies this year and "I am so stressed out that next year we are going on a trip to Guam for all of December.  What about you?

I finally got all of my Home Made Goodies in the mail, did a few Christmas Cards and got a Couple Dozen Cookies passed out.  So I am Loving being back to the 'Home Made' Tradition that I love- even if it's only 'Half way':)

Here is a little glimpse at our Tree this year.  As we have been all over the place the past  years, we have Simplified our Tree to just the Basics that we love.  The smaller size lets us move it to the Hospital, or the Apartment or a Room at Mc Donald's House.

This year- I added my New Addiction.....Burlap Ribbon.  I stole this tip from my Interior Designer Friends and I think it really 'Classed up and Filled out' our little Baby Tree:)

 I used my Collection of Disney Ornament Stuffies and my Favorite Ornaments from my Sis in law.  We added a few of Each Family Members Faves and that was it!  Simple, but Meaningful:)

Wooops- the Photo Bombing Elf strikes again!

I think Next year we might go for a Full Sized Tree.  I told all my Boys that this was their next tree...  Hobby Lobby's Extra Girlie, Sparkly, Fabulous Inspirational One:)

They were less than thrilled...

WELL!!  It is actually Snowing right now at this very minute!   So I am going to go grab my Hot Chocolate, my Kindle and Enjoy a Few minutes of Snowy Blessings:)

Love to all!