Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Garlands!

So, as you know, I was able to Steal "Aquire" some Really Nice Garlands from my Sis-in-law's December Wedding:)  Woohoo!!!  
Here's one of has Pine Cones and Berries wired in, White Lights and a variety of different 'Greens'.  It is much Nicer than the ones I've had in the past that looked really Artificial no matter what I did to it.

I actually have Five of them!!! I know! - Lucky Me!!!
So my Advice is...wait til the "After Christmas Sale" at Hobby Lobby/Micheals/Jo Ann's,  or the European Version:) for all my Over Seas Gals and get yourself One or Two Nice Ones per Year at 66% off.  It really does make a difference.

Now- if you have Young Kids- Honey, just grab sometime Long, Green and Cheap- because it's going to be Pulled on, Yanked down and Ridden like a Snake:)  Seriously- until my kids were 12 and 10, we had the Flashiest, Brightest, Most-Plasticy Decorations we could find.  It wasn't until they stopped using them as Weapons that I started "upgrading":)

This image is from

The last few years in the Interest of Simplicity, we have just hung them "As Is" on the Mantle and on the Curtain Rods above our Big Windows.

This Year....I decided it was Time for Color!!!

So Here are the Supplies:)

I splurged this year and bought some Decorations before Christmas...I only Dressed up two of them and I'm going to wait for the "Season of the Fabulous After Sale' for Supplies for the other Three.  
All told...the two Big Tubs from Walmart were about $5.00 each and the Silver ones were a Buck a I'm saying around $12.00. I added some Burlap- about 1/2 a roll- so around  $ just under $15.00.

I used the "Rule of Threes" that I learned from my Stint of being the Helper for 4 Interior Designors who Decorated our Large Church Building.  

I also used some Green Wire and that little Cutty Thingee there...

I just grabbed Three different Ornaments...aiming for one of Each Color and tried to Vary the Sparkley and different Shaped ones.
Then I just wired the three tops together and Voila!

Here they are all Piled up and ready to be Wired into the Garland...This time to Several Season 3 Psych Episodes:)

So Here it is with the Color and the Glitter Balls wired in....Just needed to add the 6 inch wide Burlap Ribbon. 

Here's the Final Product....this one is up on our Mantle and the Second one will be Over our Big Window in the Living Room.  

There's there's the 'Naked One' Peeking in there in the Upper Right...

I'll hit that one soon and get Y-all a Pic:)

Tomorrow I am going to Brave the Terrifying, yet Exhilerating "After Christmas Sales" in search of a few Decorations to add to our Sparkly, Bedazzled Hoard:)

I'll be the one with the Helmet and Elbow Pads....I've seen the You-Tube Videos People!!!

Love to All!