Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Home Made Ornaments

 Christmas Fab On A Budget- Hand Made Ornaments

Here's a sneak Peak!  

I'm kind of in love with them:)
They are Scrap-a-licious and Probably the Messiest Craft I have ever done!  Consider yourself 'FairlyWarned'!

 So this year I Really, Really wanted to make a little something for Friends, Fam and Neighbors.  As you may have already guessed, I am a bit Obsessed with Collaging Scraps of Paper....
I pretty much do it in my sleep...

SO!  When I scored these Clear Frosty Ornament Packs for a Buck a Piece on my Epic Thrift Shop Run, I knew that Mod Podgey Messiness was in my Near Future.

So Here we go!

First I grabbed a bunch of My Favorite Scrap Papers.  I wanted to go Tan/Neutral and a wee bit of Pink and Pale Blue.  Mine did end up pretty "Country"  but you could use any Color Scheme...even Go Glitter-tastic...Use what you love!

I used this Plastic 12 x 12 to kind of keep the Mess under didn't Work at ALL!!!
Look at this!!!

Ya- that's my Coffee Table.  I waited til the Hubby was asleep to Minimize the Chaotic-Impact but again...Messy IS my Middle Name:)

Here is my Supply list:
1.  Glossy Mod Podge...a lot of it:)
2.  A cheapy 'Pastry Brush' type brush...or Foamy thingees.
3.  Pre-torn papers
4.  TV Clicker for watching Old Christmas Movies
5.  Assorted Beverages

My son Nick is my "Personal Beverage Consultant".  I rarely travel anywhere without at least 4 different beverages- so I retained his services to keep me Supplied as I worked.

 In this shot, Nick was in the process of bringing me my Frosty Diet Pepsi....I don't recommend you Ever begin Crafting without Securing a Goodly Supply of Diet Pepsi.  Consider a Beverage Consultant/Technician...they will often work in exchange for Baked Goods...and you are worth it...

First of all take all the tops off.  You can stand the Wet Ornaments upside down on the tops to dry.

Here- I am beginning the process with Covering Half of the Bulb at a time in Mod Podge.  I thought I'd just stick on a bunch of scraps and then cover them again with more Podgey Goodness.

It wasn't quite that easy.  I ended up having to coat each paper scrap top and bottom and then apply it...SO my hands, and most of my Upper Body, were covered with Mod Podge.  If you fear the Messy...perhaps this is not the craft for you:)

But they are "Todes Adorb!!!"

Here they are- it took me approximately One and a Half Episodes of Psych to finish these.  

As I said- I dried them upside down balanced on their tops.

I added back their Metal Tops and discovered that the tops actually pulled off Much too easily.  So I put a spot of Hot Glue around the Neck of the Ornament and then another dot on top at the bottom of the wire where it inserts.  This made it Much More Sturdy and ready to add Ribbony-Goodness later on.

 I stored them back in their little Box while I attempted to scrape enough Mod Podge off my Right hand in order to Partake of Popcorn.

I decided to make one of the Bigger ones.  In Hindsight I wish I had just done them all, but I was pretty 'Collaged Out' at that point.

Next I decided they needed a little Focal I added the Word Peace to each of them...

I just printed out the Word "Peace" a bunch of times and then Used a Brown Ink Pad around the edges.  I just Mod Podged them on each one.

I  decided to Continue the Burlap Obsession by Cutting 1/2 inch by 12 inch strips of white Burlap to use as the "Hanging Ribbon"

I also Cut some Brown Burlap Ribbon in 1/2 inch by about 8 Inch strips and made little Bows which I Hot Glued on at the Base of the Metal Tops.

I dug through my Ribbon Supply which has Grown Pretty Considerable thanks to Donations from My Sis-in-Law Laura:)  I just tied some at the very top of the Hanging Loops...just a simple knot.  I used Lots of Different colors so they were all different.

So here they are Altogether:)

So if I was going to put a Cost on's what I would say...
Ornaments- 12 Small    $1.00
Ornaments-  4 Big       $1.00
Mod Podge-  1/4 Jar- 40% off 6.99...around $1.50
Burlap strips                Less than $1.00
Paper Scraps               Already Had 'em
Ribbons                       Whatever I had on hand- Nothing:)

So for 16 Ornaments...about $4.00 ish.....Whoohooo!

And if you Take advantage of  the After Christmas Sales you can Score some Serious Deals!
I had a Lot of Messy fun making them and they were Great to hand out to Neighbors, Clients, Church Friends and Family:)

What are you making this Christmas?  I would love to hear about what You are 'Craftin' up' this Year!

Remember, Keep it Simple and Keep it Fun!

Love and Blessings to you All!