Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Little Things

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Little Things:)

This Year- we actually had Time for some Fun Little Things!!!  
Such as a long time Dream of mine...A Second Tree!!!   Ok- it's only 18 inches high....but it Counts right?

I think He's Adorable!!!  His name is Melvin....  Is it weird that I named a tree?

Ok- so I got Mel for a Buck a Buck a Buck!!!

I had the Fabulous Hot Pink Star already...
That's one of my  45 Cent Glittery Word Ornaments...
The Sparkly Balls fell off another Wreath I bought....score!
And those Blue Snowflakes were 25 for a buck....so ya,, not much:)
I felt like it was a little 'dorky' looking on the bottom- so I grabbed one of the Wooden Wreaths that I stole from my Sister-in-Law's Now Famous Wedding Decorations....

So Melvin joined our family for 'bout- a- buck- fiddy'... as we say here in the Country.

We re-purposed some Wee Little Snowmen Hats for Chicken-Winter-Wear.

We Be-decked a White Topiary that Summers as a Plant Holder with shiny 45 Cent Ornaments...

The Photo Bomb Elf says that the Blue Sparkly Star at the top is "Toads Amay-May"

You may have to Google that one...

We added in an Adorable Polar Bear Family that we Scored at Nick's Last Radiation Treatment...Keep your Eyes out for Little Christmas Hats...they are great for everything from Polar to Poultry!

 And Last but not Least- a Christmas 'Epic Fail'...

I've 'Toads' seen this done before- and it was really Cute.

I even picked out some Cute Paper- but HERE is where my Cheapness bit me in the Boo-tocks...

I got the Paper at the Dollar Store, so it was really thin...I also got the Ribbon for a Buck and This Time, it just didn't hold it's shape:(

I think that a Big Beautiful Bow would have saved them.  If I knew someone that could make a Big Beautiful Bow...

Ya, six U-tube videos and an Hour on Pinterest later and it was just Me, Sophie, 9 empty Cans of Diet Pepsi and 12 yards of Crumpled Ribbon...

 I just couldn't pull these off!  I think the Trick is Really Nice Thick Paper and Bows...I'll watch for those in the 'After' Sales:)

I was just about to 'Unwrap' them when my Husband walked out of Bedroom, past Melvin the Tree, past the Well-Dressed Chickens, Past the Sparkly Topiary...straight to the Wrapping Paper Pictures and....He loved them:)   So here they are!  Bowless, Imperfect and Beautiful:)

So those are our 'Little Touches' and they have been so much fun.  Even though I have a House full of Boys- they really enjoy the 'Festiveness':)

What Little Touches do you add that Make all the Difference?
I'd love to hear about them!

Love to All!