Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Fab on a Budget- Our First Door Wreath

A Wreath for the Front Door!

Hey Everyone- It's December you know where the Floor of your Craft Room went?   Me neither....

So as you know- we are Home for Christmas and Feelin' like Decking the House out:)  As we have been 'Extreme Minimalists' in the past, we are Very Low on Christmas Decorations.

I haven't been able to be Crafty at the Holidays for so long that I am Really excited to actually Make Things again:) 

In my Fantasy Christmas- I am singing Christmas Carols in a Handmade Frilly Apron...Making 120 dozen Cookies and packing them in Hand Made Adorable Receptacles.  All of my Hand Crafted Gifts are wrapped in Handmade Recycled Wrapping paper under a Fresh, Extravagantly decorated Tree...the Fire is lit and I am serving my Husband Fresh Chicken Parmesan which I managed to make from scratch while I baked....

This is what I look like to my Adoring Family.... can see my dillema.  If I'm lucky I will be able to Pull off Rice Krispie treats in Paper Bags with Hello Kitty stickers on it while ordering Pizza:)


 I have given up on 'Perfection Expectations" and am focusing on Fun, Simple steps and giving myself Lots of Credit for Each little Creation. 

Being the Dollar Store Diva that I am,  AND also currently Reigning as the Princess of Thrift Shops- I knew what I had to do....

I made my Usual Rounds at My Favorite Thrift shops but at first I really wasn't finding much...I was on my way home and on a Whim stopped at Hope's Attic...


Everything in the Store was half off!!  Half Off!!!

First of all I scored a Bunch of awesome Brand new Thermal Tops.....for a Buck!  We've been in Phoenix for the last 5 years so I was Freezing to death!  Then...scored these Boots for $4.00...
OH yeah...

And then...I turned the Corner and BAM- Christmas stuff - Fresh off the Truck!  I had first Pick!!!

So all the things that you will see over the next few days are from this  One Haul- I'll be breaking down the prices for you so you can see what it all cost.

Here is My First Project!!!

I have always been pretty nervous about making Wreaths- so the Only time we've had one is when my Mom-in-Law sent me a Fresh one many years ago.

So when I scooped up a Naked 14 inch wreath for a Buck- I thought  What If???  What If this year we had....dare I say it....a Wreath On the Front Door!!!! I even scored two Door Hangers for a Buck a piece!

Ok- I know it's not Fancy- but it does have to survive Outside, a mile back on a Dirt Road, in Rain and snow and Javalinas....So it had to be Sturdy and relatively Weather Proof.

Ok- so I scored these Glitter-Tastic Ornaments for 45 cents a piece.. I used two Silver Snowmen and a Sparkly-red Raindeer....

I had the Silvery Spikey thing already from Years ago- so I stuck that on.  The Pearls were left overs from My Sis-in-Laws Christmas Wedding several years ago:)  The Red Snowflakes were 12 for a buck and I got some Decorator's Wire at the same Thrift shop for a buck.

Here's our Totals:
Hanger- $1.00
Wreath- $1.00
Glitter Ornaments- $1.35
Snowflakes- about $.40
Stuff I had already- Zero

So all told- this Wreath with the hanger was under $4.00!!!


Here it is on the Door!

I wired everything in there real well so I am hoping it will stand up to Teenagers and the Occasional Big Foot.  I'm so excited for my one neighbor to drive by every day!!!

So here's to a great start!

What are you working on?  Are you remembering to keep it simple and being very, very kind to yourself?

Hope so!

Love to all!