Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Fabulousness on a Budget

Fabulous on A Budget

Welcome to my New Series- Christmas Fabulousness on a Budget!  Join me as we Revel in the Joy of Thrift Shop Find Makeovers and make the best of those Dollar Store Ornaments!  I LOVE the Thrill of the Hunt!

First of all- a Few Ground Rules:)

1) No Perfectionism Allowed:)
2) Everyone's Style is Different- and that is OK!  If it makes you Happy- it's Wonderful:)
3)  Use what you Have
4)  Only keep what you LOVE
5)  Less is More

Christmas Decorations done Imperfectly Still bless your Family!!!  Unless you are a Professional Designer- Perfection is just not a Need or an Option.  Just get in there and use what you Love:)

I have Purposely not gone on Pinterest or looked at other people's Decorations because I feel like I'm in a bit of a "Fragile State" and would Easily get Overwhelmed, take on too much or just Stress in General.  Thus the 5 Rules!

After lots of years of Enjoying Ronald Mc Donald House and Phoenix Children's Hospitals Awesome Decorations- we finally have time to Decorate our Very Own House!  We have Stripped things down to Just the things we Love and the Bare Minimum.  But now that we are done with Chemo- we are looking to Deck the Halls once again:) 

Just like you- we are workin' on a Budget I am hoping that you will take a deep breath, stop Worrying whether your Creation is "Pinterest Worthy" and just make something that Blesses your family by Creating that a little bit of that Christmas Feeling:)

And Watch out for Photo Bombing Elves!!

Love to All!!!