Tuesday, September 3, 2013

29 Faces Challenge

29 Days of Faces Started Yesterday!
So I decided to take the plunge in an Area that is still really Scary for me....FACES!  Yikes!
This is such a Friendly and Open Challenge- they are accepting all different types of Styles and Media which is really exciting.  Can't wait to get to see what everyone does! 
I'll be posting my Faces here- probably as a 'Weekly Round Up'.  It's not too late to Jump In and Join Me!  I'm just as Nervous as you are!
As I Always Say...."When Life gets Super Stressful....draw Fairies.."  Ok- this is the First time I've said it- but NOW it's Officially a 'Saying'..
Here's my first 'Face'...it came attached to the Fairy who has been haunting my dreams:) 
I sketched her with just a Mechanical Pencil then inked her in with a Pitt Marker.

I took a deep breath and grabbed my Colored Pencils last night.  It's been a while since I used them!

Here's Day 2:  Not Exactly sure where she came from! 

I sketched her in Pencil, then Pitt Pen- then Experimented with my Copic Markers.

Here's a Close up of her Face as it is Supposed to be 29 Faces:)

I think she is kind of Sweet and Sassy!
So, this week is going to be a very sad one as we are saying Goodbye to My Sis and my Neice and Nephew who are moving:(  I will be drowning my Sorrows in Diet Pepsi, Nutella...and of Course....Drawing lots of Fairies....