Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stay Calm and Draw Faces

14 out of 29 Faces...I'm behind!! Yikes!

So, I've been working really hard behind the scenes on this whole Etsy shop thing and it's had me a bit Frazzled to say the least...(See My Etsy Shop Might Kill Me!)  So far I've got 7 Items entered and my totally Groovy friend Adrienne Rose is helping me out with the banner. She's crazy cool...
Check out her Blog Adreinne Rose...Love it!
Here's the Before:)

I'll post the after soon:)
I did realize today that I will be out all of next week, my Father is having Hip Surgery the first half and I'm flying out on another quick visit for the second half.  SO I am thinking I will work on it on the plane and in between Hospital Visits and I will Launch as soon as I get back next weekend.  Yay!  I think....I'm still pretty terrified!
So, I've decided to work on relaxing a bit, remembering why I am doing this...because I LOVE  IT...Oh yeah!!:)  I even have a reminder up on my wall... One of the first things I made:)


 I've been trying to keep the stress down by taking very frequent Sniffy walks with my Furry kids and taking time out to watch our Fave TV shows with the Family. 
 That and regular doses of Movie Theatre, Ultra, Extra, Super, Mega Butter Popcorn.  We like our Butter with a little Popcorn around here...none of that Light stuff here!
So here's what I've come up with between episodes of "Project Runway" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?":

Quick Sketch from a Magazine- I think she's a bit "Elvish"...Could be because I just started re-reading Lord of the Rings...Expect a lot of Pointy ears...

Did this one for my Neice's Bday and then stole it back!  Got to mail it back to her!  Sorry Ammie!

Yes- It's a guy!  I added the moustache just in case it wasn't obvious...
Here's "Weird Tree Face Lady" again... I did this one a while's all "Artsy" and stuff...:)

And Finally...before you start thinking that all of this 'Weird' came out of my head... My Romulan Gal Pal here came from Edward Steichen's 1928 Photo of Louise Brooks.  Mine is Decidedly more Alien of course...
Edward Steichen's 1928 Photo of Louise Brooks at Denziger Projects, "The New Yorker", Oct 31, 2011
 It was in a old "New Yorker"  magazine, kind of 'Star Trek Strange"...that's why I liked it:)
So... the Question is... Consistency...Where are thou?  
 I look at these and I think that I must be a Schizophrenic...ok, I already new that, but at least I should be developing a 'style' soon.  One day it's Big Eyed Cartoon Fairies and then next day 1920's Romulan Flapper Girls...
Oh well!  I'm just going to Follow my Heart with this area of my Life:)
Maybe I'll try a Dwarf Girl...I hear they have Moustaches...
Love to All!