Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Tutorial: Part 3 Working Through Anger and Hurt- Transformation!

Part 3 of Working through Anger and Hurt with Art Journaling
Finally we get to the part where all our hard work becomes the basis for something New- and Maybe even Beautiful!
So here is our Journaling and Affirming all cut up and Glued down like a Collage.  I used Mod Podge here but you could use any Gel Medium or even just Glue Sticks:) 
Next I Covered it with Gesso.  I used a Palette knife so that there was lots of Ridges and texture.
Then I Covered it with Scripture, Words of Encouragement, Quotes and Hopes for the Future.
After letting it sit for a day or so and reading over the Messages I wrote to myself- I am ready to Transform it into Something New- and for Me, that really helps me to Move on and Move Forward.
So here are some of the Things that I've Made out of my Index Card Journaling.  For this First one here I Scored a Dollar Store Bag of Mailing Envelopes...
I covered the Back of it with my Index Card
I did some Gelli Plating on Deli Paper and Spray Painted on it using a few different Stencils..
I added Paint, Collage and some Pastels and I ended up with a Cool Place to keep any Notes, Scriptures or New Index Cards that may come up as I am working through this particular Issue:)
For this one, I just used a Journal Page- covered it with my Cut Up Index Card Journaling and then starting adding on from there.
The background is from a Magazine, and the lettering is a Stencil painted over some more of my Journaling. 
Next I made the Heart by laying down some Spackle on some strong paper, letting it dry and then Cutting it out and painting it.

I used some Photo Paper I found at a Thrift Shop Here- it was a little 'Stiffer' than my Mixed Media Paper.
I used Acrylic, Ink and Pastels on the Hearts.
I used the Smaller Hearts here, along with my Spray Painted Deli Paper:
And then the Larger Heart and Dragon Wing Stencil went Here with one of My Favorite Quotes ever:
She Took the Leap and Built her Wings on the Way Down:
As for this Latest one- It's still in the Works!  I'm not really sure where this one is going but it is Good to Cover all that up and move Forward.

I hope that this has been Helpful to you and I would love to hear from you if you have tried any of these techniques or have some other Great Ways you use Art Journaling to Work through Tough Situations:) 
Love to All!