Monday, September 9, 2013

Making Art when it Hurts

Working through Painful Times- Making Art when it Hurts...
So I started this Blog to Focus on all things Wonderful, Colorful and Fun.   It is both my Passion and my Therapy:)    I really want this to be the Positive Uplifting Fantastic Part of my life on display for ME to see- so that I can Remember how Blessed I really am.
BUT- as we all know, tough times come to us all.  And at the other end of the Spectrum, Art and Art Journaling have been such a Therapeutic Influence that I think sometimes it has kept me from Going 'Crazier':)
This week I've been working through some Issues that kind of hit me like a Wave from behind.  I was really Stuck in it for a while.  It's my experience that Pain can paralyze us sometimes and keep us from even constructively dealing with it.
So when I could finally take a Breath and could do Anything More than 'Emergency Praying", I forced myself to do some Journaling.  Lo and behold what started  out as One Index Cared ended up 10:)  I ended up with a "Pile of Processing" that I wanted to Honor, but also Release..
SoI took all the Index Cards, wrote as Many Descriptive Words as I could over them, Covered them with a layer of Gesso and then tore them up.  They became the Backdrop for this weeks Art Journaling Endevours.
I committed myself to Prayer and Study over the things that I am dealing with and wanted a Place to keep Scripture Verses, Notes and 'Discoverings'  Because a lot of them had to do with Anger...I decided to 'Mail' them to myself...Figuratively Speaking:)  Thus the Dragon Mail Envelope.
Again the background being my Journaling and the Dragon Tail was from a previous Piece I did this week.  Now it holds not only my Heartbreak, but also my Hope:)
It's just Big Enough to Hold my 4 x 6 Index Cards that I've been using to Journal and add Scripture to.

Finally,  I used all the rest of the Scraps for this Page.  I made a few 'Suprising Discoveries'.  I think the Most Important of which is that Anger is sometimes actually Unbearable Pain...

It doesn't excuse it, but it Does need to be Acknowledged and Released.
The Lord is Good and Loving and So Forgiving and I am trying to  Focus on that this week.  Again I am reminded of this Verse:
Finally, brothers and sisters..."Whatever is True, whatever is Noble, whatever is Right, whatever is Pure, whatever is Lovely, whatever is Admirable- if anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy- Think (And Create about, enjoy, make much over) these things...Phillipians 4:8
Parenthesis added is mine:)
I'm off to draw Fairies and Make Little Houses:)  Hope you'll join me in Focusing on the "Lovely"...
Love to all!