Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Freibotts Take DC!

Road Trip!!! Ok...we flew- but still, it's kind of like a Road Trip!!!1


This is my First Ever "Blog from On Location"... I am writing from Washington DC!!!

Ok- is it weird that I think the Airport is one of the funnest parts of the trip?  Ya, ok it's weird....but I do!  Especially because you get to drink Coffee from Starbucks and pretend that you are World Travelers and do this everyday...Oh...and then there's Breakfast Paninis....

I was Crazy excited because we got to ride these "Star Wars Transports" from one side of Dulles Airports to the other...I told the guy driving that we were not the Droids he was looking for...
Then we proceeded to do what all Freibotts do best....EAT!
After a Long day of Travelling- we arrived in all of our Red Neck Glory...and were treated to some Fantastic, Fancy "We have Organic Trees growing in the middle of our tables" restaurant!
This is Vapianos:)
I had a Particulary Fancy Salad.....with Strawberries, Pine Nuts and Goat Cheese!  We are definitely not in Arizona anymore! 
Fortunately my DC Family is of the "Paleo" Tribe so I hopefully won't be gaining 20 lbs by eating out every meal!!  For all of you Paleo's- YES that's goat cheese...I didn't say I was a part of the tribe!
Here's Nick out front:)  Ya Ya, we wore plaid-and comfortable shoes... we're Tourists- we're allowed..
We are all Total History/Museum Geeks so we were SO excited to got to a Smithsonian Museum!
Ok now- there are 2 Museums apparently...and the one with the Weird Name- "Udvar-Hazy" is apparently the one to go has....I can barely stand it.....The Space Shuttle!!!  The Actual Space Shuttle!!!  It's the "Discovery" and I went to see it land when I was little with my Grandparents- a Happy Happy Memory...I am a Closet Space Shuttle Geek.
I was so wrapped up in the other planes that when I saw it peeking threw I grabbed Nick and squealed! He was thrilled to have his Mother squealing and jumping in public...
Look at how they tease you with peek through...the Angels start singing...the lights are all 'glowy'...
And then BOOM!  There it is!!!
You have to admit it's pretty Smexy!  Oh- and so is the Shuttle...:)
I can't believe it was the actual real one.  It has been in space for 365 days or more.  I SERIOUSLY wanted to touch it....I mean BAD!  Nick had to keep watch over me...I might have also tried to touch a Soviet Missile...But I didn't, darn it.

Ok- and the Most Bad-Ass of Planes Ever...
The Lockheed SR 71A Blackbird....
Check out this View from the Very point...
This was SERIOUSLY cool!

And for all My Creatives- Proof that Art Survives in even the Most Difficult Situations:
This is actual Art made from Bullet Casings during World War II, made while Literally 'in the Trenches'....Awesome!!
So here is Nick in front of an actual....ok....'pod thingee that the astronauts used to come down in'.  Can you imagine all the crazy stress of being blasted into space, then having to Re-enter...then drop to possibly your death in a tiny little elevator with no cables!  Then you have to wait, possibly upside down, for someone to come fish you out.  Hopefully Friendlies!

This Museum was Fantastic- I can't say enough about it.  We saw the Concord and the Actual Enola Gay, the one whose sad Mission it was to drop the Bomb on Hiroshima.  So much amazing History....I just wanted to Touch it!!!!  I am one of those 'Touchers' you see about in "Night at the Museum"'s so embarrassing!
After a long day of Museum Hopping...we were back to another Fabulous Restaurant....Here Nick is eating an entire Gourmet Pepperoni and Spicy Sausage Mini Pizza...after texting a picture of it to his brother of course...:)
Tomorrow we are off to the "Mall".  I am very easy going and when the Family said "then we'll go to the Mall" I thought...well, Ok- we will go to the Mall- Soft Pretzels, Shoe stores, Merry go Rounds...Ya- apparently all the Really Important Monuments in DC are called "The Mall"...
SO!  I am very glad that we aren't just going to see DC's version of Fast Food Chinese!
I may even get to see.....THE WHITEHOUSE!!!!!  The Real One!!!
Many of you are not aware of my "Fan Club President" style LOVE of all things Michelle Obama...
Anyone who will do Pushups with Ellen on National TV is Tops in my book! I'm hoping she just happens to be out on the front lawn watering could happen!!!
Off to bed- Jet Lag is a real pain!
Love to all!