Thursday, September 5, 2013

Right Brain Business Plan

Back in my 'Right Brain'

Ha!  If you only knew the Rich Double Meaning this phrase has!  I am so glad that I had the last two Posts all ready to go as I have taken several "Mental Health" days...Ok- let's get Real..."LACK-of-Mental-Health" Days off :) 
Sophie says it's time to get back to work!
The Boys are all Hard at Work at all their Hard Work....High School, College and Jobs and I am trying to Jump in for some Art Therapy.  I was going to say that Art is Cheaper than Therapy...but then I remembered my trip to Hobby Lobby Yesterday......OK- so it's still Cheaper....a little bit:)

So I've been Moving Forward with my Right Brain Business Plan Endevours:)  I was feeling a bit Stuck last week as Life kind of Bumped us so I just focused on getting some Words out.

I just sometimes get 'Stuck'- whether it's Unrealistic Expectaions, Fear, Exhaustion...I just need to do Something that is 'Moving Forward'.  This did the trick and thing started Flowing again.  I think Sometimes we drive ourselves really hard to 'Produce' and we end up sort of Beaten up.  So just allowing myself to do something simple, even just words really helped me to get balanced again.
So my next Assignment was to do a Collage on my 'Core Values'.  These are the things that are at the Heart of the Way that I want to Live, Love and do Business.  Initially I was going to use Magazines again- and I treated myself to my Fave- "Do It Yourself" Magazine...but I ended up feeling like I needed to 'Think it through' a bit more...kind of "Journal Style"

It helped me get more Focused.  I will probably go back and do a Collage with some Images and Words later on- but for now this is what I think I needed to 'Get on Paper'...
Next was trying to Define my "Ideal Customer".  I found this kind of Intimidating- which is weird!  In all of my other Business Endevours- especially Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling, I knew exactly who my Target Market was and who I loved working with. 
As this is a Completely New thing for me- I wasn't quite as Confident.  So I gave myself Permission to just write down whatever words came to mind.  This got things moving and I realized I had some good ideas about who it was I want to work with.

When I felt like I was Drawing a Blank....I drew flowers:)  I tell you- the Right Brain Stuff is really Fun!  I've done Lots of Business Plans in the past and helped others do them....but it was Never this Enjoyable:)  I really do recommend it!

So next I am working on my "Detective" Board- which is where I'll be Posting all of my 'Market Research''s where it will go:)

There's my Vision Board on the right- that will go on the Wall too so I can Keep it in front of me:)  Just like keeping your "Mission Statement" always front and Center....only this is so much Cuter!

So that's the News that's News!  Is anyone else out there working on some 'Business Planning"...Right Brained or Otherwise?  I'd love to hear about it!
Love to All!