Monday, September 30, 2013

My Etsy Shop is Finally Open!

It's Finally Open!
Molly Lolly Loo is on Etsy!
Do you love this?!  Adrienne Rose reworked it for me....It's just what I wanted but couldn't do myself!  I just want to move into the little black and white one! Hehe!
So after months of Research and Reading and Learning I finally got my little shop open:)   I hope you'll come visit!
Just click right here:  MollyLollyLoo Designs
So I have opted for "Open-before-Perfect":)  Things are pretty basic but I am Reading and Learning every day to make it more 'Spandific':)
Here's a little sneak peek:
I have several Different Catagories: 
First is 'Altered Journals'
This is a more 'Edgy' one:)

I've been making these for my Nieces for quite a while and I really love them.  All of us "Paper Lovers" will collage anything that stands still long enough- so 'upscaling' Rescued Journals from the thrift shop or lately- simple Composition Notebooks has been really addicting.
 This is an Altered Composition Notebook that is now an Adorable Prayer Journal.  It may not stay long as I might have to have it for myself:)   I love the little birdie and the zipper!

This is a 'Rescued Journal' in a Shabby Chic Style.  I used some of my Favorite Papers and Old Music.  This one started it's life somewhere in the late Nineties as this Generic Flowery Notebook.
  But it was untouched and unloved and now has a New Life as a quirky Cottage-y Journal!

I have a few Canvases listed.  These little Cuties are 6 x 6 and based off of my Little Fairy Houses Obsession!  There are two different styles with a third on the way:)

And Finally- My "Rescues"

 Friends don't let friends own Sad Wooden Kchotchkies from the 80's.  Especially those suffering from "Mauve"...
If there is a Forest-Green-and-Mauve-Moss-Covered-Bird-House-with-Fake-Birds-on-it, or a Plaid-Angel-with-scary-Raffia-Hair I will find it! 
Here at Molly Lolly Loo- we believe that Tacky Knick Knacks CAN have a New Life!
Here is that Poor Pueblo Shelf, freed from it's tiny cut out 'Chili Peppers' and Given a Brand new Stylish Life!
And Finally...this was an Old Wooden Candy box.  In Fantastic Shape...but obviously cast aside...Here it is in the Early Stages of Rehab...
And here it is in all it's Funky Glory- Ready to hold your Treasures, Love Notes and Jewels!


Whew!  Trying to get some things finished for my Little Shop while still working on Craft Fair and Christmas stuff is...well....Wonderful!!!  So much fun!
So all my Love and Thanks to all my Artsy Creatives that were SO Patient, Encouraging and Wonderful in helping me make this Little Dream Come True!
Next stop- An Etsy Button for the Blog!  I'm off to Order another For Dummies E-book!
Love to all!