Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Tutorial: Part 1- Working through Pain and Anger with Art Journalling

 New Three Part Tutorial
Working Through Anger and Pain with Art Journaling

This Series has been on my Heart and Mind for a while now.  I hope you will find it as Helpful as it has been for me!

Many of you know that I started my "Journey" with Art Journaling to cope with the Stress and Demands of Life as my Son, now 16, was going through almost 6 years of chemo.
It never fails to amaze me how writing, journaling, painting, collaging or just plain scribbling can be so therapeutic and healing.  There is just something about taking all the Words of Pain, Grief, Stress or even Joy and transforming them into something new- something maybe even beautiful.  It allows me to heal, to Organize and Settle my heart and to Move on into Healing and even Blessing.
All that being said- as I am a WAY Practical, "Tell-me-how-to-do-it-Step-by-Step" girl, I wanted to share with you a few Techniques and "How-to's" that I use when things are Crazy and Intense. 
Having a 'Go To' Step by step 'System' if you will of dealing with things helps me so much, as I'm not always able to think straight or plan out a Page or Canvas in the heat of the moment.
In This Part we will use our Journaling as the Foundation for either a Page, a Canvas, An Envelope or even a box where we can Chronicle our Process.
My "Go-To-Must-Haves" are 4x6 Index Cards, a Mechanical Pencil, A Sharpie and a Pair of Scissors
Why Index Cards?  
There is just something about grabbing those squares that lends structure to my hurricane.  As I fill them up one at a time, I feel like there is a bit of Closure and finality from each card. I can hold them, flip them over- and somehow the Enormity of my Emotion seems more manageable.
So Here we go!

Step 1:  Get it all out- No Judgement- No Thinking- Just emote

Here, the Wave has just hit, the Bomb has just gone off, the Betrayal or Hurt is so fresh that you can hardly Breathe.  Often at this point my mind is seeing Red and I know that Reacting, Responding or even Replying could be dangerous.... I need to Process, I need Clarity and Wisdom.  I need to sift through the Storming Emotion and find some semblance of Order.
At this point, I allow myself to Journal ANYTHING that comes to mind- even if it is something I would never allow myself to say outloud.  Knowing that I will be 'covering this up' gives me a bit of courage.
Anything Goes- Pain, Cursing, Questionable language, all Capitols and Exclamation points...whatever you need to put down to really equal your Emotions. 
I do this portion in Pencil.  I find I am more Honest and Real when it's a little more 'unreadable' and it gives me Courage to Emote and Bleed out what I need to. 

I write on both sides- just because sometimes I like the look of the lines and sometimes I don't.

Sometimes I have One Card- but Most of the Time I have 5-10 of them!  This is the part that really just helps me get out what I'm dealing with and that usually helps to bring some clarity for the next step.
Step 2:  Identify, Define and Name the Emotions 
I do this part in Sharpie right over the Pencil Journaling. 
This Step really allows me to create some Structure for what is going on.  Sometimes I hit the old Thesauraus as it really helps to find just the right word.
Here are some of the Words I find myself Using.  I would love to hear from you if you have some Powerful Words that you use.  Maybe we could make a Treasury:)
Sometimes I find that much of my Anger and Hurt is with God Himself- and sometimes I feel bad about expressing those feelings.  That's when I take a look at the Psalms and realize that God has seriously heard it before!  He really can handle it:)
I write these at different angles and sometimes different fonts First because it shows how Jumbled I feel, and second because I like what it looks like when I am ready to collage.
Step 3:  Gather, Acknowledge and Release.
At this point, I gather up all my cards.  I don't usually reread the pencil Journalling but I do go over the Descriptive words to Acknowledge and Honor what I'm feeling.
Next- it's time to Release them- I cut them up into 4 pieces and mix them up.  I feel like it allows them to be 'Digested, Processed and Absorbed'. 
 They are Now ready to become something NEW!
Join me for Part 2!
Love to All!